Best Game of Thrones Episodes

Game of Thrones has already become very much popular among the viewers all over the world. In its first season the storyline of the episodes were exact mirror images of the novel, but later on, the story of the episodes diverged from the main storyline. But still Game of Thrones managed to attract a huge number of views from all over the world and as a result, it has already won Emmy awards, Hugo award, Golden Globe award and many more.


The Children (Season 4)

The list of Game of Thrones episodes would be empty without “The Children”. Finale of Season Four, it shows Stannis helping Jon, Tyrion having his revenge and killing Tywin and Shae and Daenerys hiding her dragons underground. Battle between Brienne and Hound with Aria refusing to end the latter’s misery is cream on the crop.

It kills me to see the Dragons in (emotional) pain but I got a sick sense of satisfaction out of Shae being strangled... I should probably see a psychiatrist..

In the book it is never confirmed that Jojen dies but most readers suspect it. Jojen was very sick when he arrived. Some people even think Jojen's blood is in the mix they give bran to consume.



Battle of the Bastards (Season 6)

Recent addition of the series, it takes the leading positions in any Game of Thrones episodes list. We are finally given a chance to witness a huge, gruesome and violent battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. Impressive CGI, Bolton’s death to his own dogs underline perhaps the biggest episode for the “good guys”.


The Mountain and the Viper (Season 4)

Pretty far down the list of Game of Thrones episodes that make us die from shock and reanimate next Sunday. Daenerys banishes Jorah Mormont and the Mountain clashes with Oberyn Martell. The latter injures the opponent and starts giving victorious speech, getting his head cracked by the giant in a few seconds. Ouch.


And Now His Watch Is Ended (Season 3)

This one is ranked high on many lists of best Game of Thrones episodes. It is unpredictable and heartbreaking at the same time, leaving you with mixed emotions for hours. We see young dragons burn Astapor masters, realize that Theon’s escape was a setup made by Ramsay and mourn the lifeless Lord Commander Mormont. Crazy.

OK, I definitely missed that clue. And yes, I am a faithful non-reader of the books, so I am thoroughly unspoiled. But apparently those Boltons are everywhere this season as Locke, the dude who has Jaime, is also sworn to that House. I never thought that House was important at all, but apparently I'm wrong.

the last sentence on the first paragraph made me crack! totally agree jon and dany ftw

MJ30 500 4/24/13 6:51 PM Report I guess I'm in the minority here but I would absolutely HATE if Dany and Jon end up together, also, unpopular opinion coming, I'm team Stannis for the iron throne. Having said that, I did love Daenerys actions in this episode and think is one of the most memorable and amazing moments in the (book and tv) series.


Baelor (Season 1)

Sean Bean is dead, this time as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow wants to leave the Wall, Daenerys loses his child to the dark magic and Robb Stark makes a promise to Walder Frey which will lead him to death. Splendid and terrifying at the same time, that’s why we love GoT.


The Winds of Winter (Season 6)

A classy ending to an extraordinary season 6. Each Game of Thrones episode list instantly included it as a huge arc conclusion and plot-twists. Cersei chooses violence and blows the Baelor’s Sept with literally anyone important in the King’s Landing and becomes a queen. King Tommen commits suicide and Dany sets sail for Westeros. Good times.


The Rains of Castamere (Season 3)

A proud winner of the list of Game of Thrones episodes that cause rage, insomnia, crying and broken television. The Red Wedding is probably the most violent group murder ever shown on TV and is so jaw-dropping that many people even swore to quit watching the show. More screen time for the other characters, right?


Blackwater (Season 2)

IGN’s second pick among the best Game of Thrones episodes, the Blackwater is the decisive moment for title claimants. It is the moment when Tyrion is not afraid to stand against the foe, use the wildfire and burn Stannis’ army to the ground. While all the Lannisters flee, the smallest of them is the bravest.

What an incredibly epic episode. Part of what makes it so awesome is that you don't really know wich side to root for. Of course you don't want Joffrey and Cersei to win, but Tyrion is on their side and how can you not root for Tyrion? On the other side there's Davos (a personal favorite) and Stannis who was just an incredible BAMF this episode (first to land, first to enter the city wall, has to be drag out the fight). Either way someone you like probably got screwed at the end. Oh, and the guy who injured Tyrion was a Kingsguard, they're suppose to be in the same side, so that's not good.

Just epic. Martin should really consider the possibility writing the screenplay for the whole season, not just one episode. The characters, the battle, the dialogues, everything was the way it was meant to be. Oh, and Rains of Castamere <3

A few things: The single archer was Bronn. The Hound wasn't upset about the battle or the killing, he's just terrified of fire. His older brother shoved his face into fire when he was just a kid, and it is his biggest phobia. They made a bunch of references to it, him ducking from the fire, his i'm-gonna-be-sick expression when the wildfire burns, him warning the archer not to shoot any fire arrows near him, and then his expression when a guy on fire comes at him. Another thing I noticed the show didn't focus on, is that the Tyrells are a very powerful House, technically equal in rank to the Starks, Lannisters and Baratheons. They are the second richest great House in Westeros, and they were the ones financing Renly's war. Love the recaps!


Hardhome (Season 5)

A winner of the most shocking Game of Thrones episodes list. Night’s Watch cooperates with the Wildlings and they get swarmed by the White Walkers. Thousands of undead attack people and the epic Night King summons the dead to his service. Goosebumps guaranteed, as we see that politics doesn’t matter when the death stalks you.


The Lion and the Rose (Season 4)

A long-awaited moment in Game of Thrones. Jon Snow is becoming a murder target for Ramsay, setting the future Battle of the Bastard, but it's the wedding between Joffrey and Margaery that steals the show. Young hated king dies in front of his guests, choking from poison and relieving millions of fans across the globe.