Best English Dubbed Anime

Anime is a fully Japanese way of doing animation series and movies. Due to the immense popularity of this particular art and exclusive production points in Japan, there would not be many chances to witness the dubbed anime, simply because nobody in the Western world knew about it. Time has passed and the choice of movies to watch is huge. Some people still watch the whole thing in Japanese, using only subtitles to get the meaning of the words and grasp the emotion from the original voice acting crew. It takes a lot of talent and effort to get anime dubbed properly so it would ideally resemble its original emotional tone and patterns of speech. This list is all about those who have managed to do so and made masterpieces speak English. This RankTopTen chart is dedicated to the best English dubbed anime.

The craft of translation and voice acting has grown a lot since its origin and now we can be sure that everything was made right in terms of the sound. When you have a good product and you dub it to English, this will most likely be a hit. The representatives of anime culture included in the ranking are top-notch movies and series that have been fully voiced by our specialists and it is up to you now to decide the English dub anime winner. Since the fan base grows rapidly, it is hard to figure out something outstanding as all of the present are outstanding examples of English dubbed anime.

What do you think about these Japanese animation movies? Do you have your favorite among hundreds of others? Which one is your best dubbed anime? Let everybody now in the comments!


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Second adaptation of the original novels, it is often considered to be the best English dubbed anime. The story circulates around Elric brothers heavily relying on 2003 manga. Exclusive characters, original plot twists and character development, all the tasty pieces that we love are inside. Ready to dive into the world of alchemy?



This English dub anime depicts Ichigo Kurosaki as he gains the powers of a SOul Reaper and pursues the goal of protecting the humanity from evil. It parallels Egyptian mythology as Ichigo’s duty is to deliver souls to the afterlife. Stunning visuals, colorful characters and fighting techniques that anime fans would fall in love with.


Sword Art Online

One of the recent products, it is among the best dubbed anime for a reason. Near future and virtual reality combine into a perfect setting with people living inside the game, fighting for their lives. Incredible plot twists and protagonists that steal the show easily seal the deal for millions of fans around the globe.


Dragon Ball Z

English dubbed anime sequel for the original Dragon Ball, this one continues and expands the universe, adding more depth and colorful characters. It pushes Goku, the main hero, to the level when he is able to compete with Marvel and DC heroes for popularity and recognition. Is it your favorite Dragon Ball product?


Fullmetal Alchemist

Another example of a great dubbed anime, it was created in 2003 and follows the storyline of Elric brothers who are searching for the Philosophers stone. Epic scale warfare, exquisite alchemy and breathtaking fighting sequence, all in one package.It is an immersive trip to the world of protoscientific experiments that one can’t forget.


Attack on Titan

This English dubbed anime’s name speaks for itself. Based on 2009 manga the story reveals us the world where titans fight against humans and the latter try to survive by all means. Great narrative shows us love, hatred, twists, side shifting and much more, immersing viewers into the world, where mythology comes to life.


Naruto Shippuden

The best dubbed anime for many, Naruto Shippuden expands the story of the main hero, making him older and more experienced. Tension raises high with stunning techniques, impossible fight scenes and path of shinobi. New enemies offer new challenges that are shown amazingly. A great continuation of an already amazing story that surpasses the predecessor.


Fairy Tail

Great example of anime dubbed properly, Fairy Tail makes us dive into a wonderfully created story filled with beautiful bright characters with stunning bodies and abilities that make Gandalf cry. Numerous arcs combined into one orchestra of great story and exquisite visuals force us to stick with the series for ages.


Death Note

Death Note has an honorable place among top anime movies; the plot almost completely repeats the story of the manga of the same name. While viewing, we learn what would happen if someone could kill with impunity. Unexpected events and outcomes keep the audience on the edge of the seats.


Tokyo Ghoul

Despite this is anime dubbed in 2014 it has already earned millions of fans globally. It is a story of Ken Kaneki, a student who becomes a half-ghoul and needs to eat human beings to survive. The anime contains great drama elements, as well as neck-twisting thriller scenes that leave Hollywood screenwriters scratching their heads.