Top Anime

Some people hate it, others think that it is the best way of visualizing a good narrative. This Japanese animation has become a part of the local culture already and we all know that Japanese respect what their country produces, especially if it’s good. Since the 1910s industry was growing impressively quickly, and with the internet, the progression has reached geometric scale.

Though anime looks like a product for kids or teens, it holds a deep meaning that leaves you thinking even after you watch it. Thematic also varies greatly: from childish fables to erotic scenes and detective stories that leave Sherlock and Doctor Watson scratching their heads. Unusually grown-up morale and depth of the story is not what we are used to at western world, and that’s why anime conquered us like a horde of Mongols.

Huge variety of subgenres generated a big popularity abroad and it is not rare to see some kind of youtube video titled “My Anime List”. Pokemon, Death Note, Naruto, these are just some of the top anime works that come to mind. Even one of the 2017 movies,”Ghost In The Shell” starring Scarlett Johansson, tells us an adapted story, originally seen in Masamune Shirow’s manga and multiple anime series that came to life afterward. This list depicts top anime movies and series, voted by our users. Just so you know how largely scaled the whole thing is, if you didn’t know already.

Do you have a favorite among these animated masterpieces that you have spent nights watching episode after episode? If so, leave a like and see your favorite anime go top of our list!



This top anime is one of the most popular in the world. It includes 800 episodes and does not get boring from season to season. Events occur in fictional reality, the main peculiarity of which is cute animals called Pokemon, endowed with supernatural skills. The protagonists are kind-hearted boy Ash Ketchum and his best friend, Pokemon Pikachu.


Death Note

Death Note has an honorable place among top anime movies; the plot almost completely repeats the story of the manga of the same name. While viewing, we learn what would happen if someone could kill with impunity. Unexpected events and outcomes keep the audience on the edge of the seats.



My anime list could not do without Naruto, a long story about a restless boy, who dreams to become the strongest ninja. He is a student of sensei Kakashi Hatake. In the course of events, the protagonist finds friends and acquire new skills to fulfill his dream. Naruto faces a lot of exciting adventures, which surprises everybody with the unpredictability.


Gurren Lagann

This top anime has excellent music, dynamic graphics, perfect screening of fights and charismatic heroes. However, the problem is serious and relevant. Gurren Laggan is a story about people who live underground, and the main character found the way to get to the surface. The series is to every anime fan’s taste.


Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight is one of top anime movies, which are undeservedly deprived of attention. This exciting story is about Yuki Kross, the adopted daughter of the academy headmaster; both people and vampires study in the educational institution. Yuki got into the love triangle between her, a beautiful vampire, and a brave hunter of vampires.


Squid Girl

Squid Girl is the funniest series on my anime list. Naive, but fierce squid girl want to destroy humanity because of pollution of the ocean, but she did not take into account some moments concerning people, such as their quantity. She has to work as a waitress to recover the damage of the restaurant caused by her.


One Piece

One piece is the name of the treasure that was sought by pirate Monkey D. Luffy in one of top anime of the whole world. The fictional universe, where all the events develop, is also called the same. There are magic fruits which give people different supernatural abilities. The main character ate one of such fruits, so his body can stretch like rubber.



Amnesia has to be included in the list of top anime movies due to the entertaining plot. From the very beginning, we meet a girl, who lost her memory, but such an unfortunate event is not her fault. Spirit Orion did not intentionally erase the heroine’s memory, and now she must restore it with the gathering of information.


Mobile Suit Gundam

This realistic war story leads my anime list; it had a strong influence on Japanese anime culture. According to the plot, humanity has created colonies in space due to overpopulation on Earth. One colony decided to separate from the planet and declare war on it. Amuro Ray, a brave teenager who repulsed the attack of rebels, got in the center of the story.



Hyoka is top anime movie about school life. The story develops around 16-year old layabout, whose sister ordered him to join the literature club in order to prevent its closure. There he met a beautiful girl and faced mysterious events, which intrigue not only him but also the audience.