Best Female Anime Characters

Anime girls are what catches our eyes pretty often. Since the origin of anime, the cultural differences between Japanese and Western animation products could be spotted instantly. While cartoons and animated movies were mostly targeting kids and discussing childish issues, along with setting young minds on good deeds, Japanese took it up a level.

Anime is a part of the culture now and various creations target different age groups and genders. You can find kids’ animation series, movies for teens and adults. Japanese animators are not that much afraid of showing the beauty of girls in their products, especially for the older audience. Therefore we can witness very realistic character or a very cute girl with big eyes and fancy hair. Furthermore, the curves of their bodies can be super hot and start an endless discussion about the best of the best. This is RankTopTen and here is our best female anime characters list.

Anime girl is a brand now and the creators try to improve that character in their movies as much as we can. This results in a pretty face, round shapes and yet deep personality with a huge background. We get immersed in the story not only because the character looks good, but feels alive and natural. Female anime characters is an essential part of any Japanese animation movies. Huge variety of eye and hair colors, appearance features, and personal character issues that make us feel what that is all about. Here you can pick the best female characters you have seen and comment on each participant of our list, stating why you adore a certain character and the other annoys you like a bug in the pants. Relax and enjoy!


Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

Being an S-class mage, this anime girl from Fairy Tail Guild is someone to look out for. She has brown eyes, very appealing facial traits and, guess what, a scarlet hair. For many members of the guild and especially Team Natsu she might appear a bit scary and unable to socialize. Due to a difficult childhood, she is often annoyed at people for doing silly things as well as thinking slowly. For example, she can get mad really quick when a person would answer her questions longer than she expects.

Many characters avoid contacting Erza without a need, all thanks to the fear of provoking her wrath. These strict character traits do not restrain her from being warm if she feels so. Erza is also cool and approaches the situation with an immediate question of how to fix the issue.

When the situation gets dire, she is the one most people would rely on and her greatest fear is not to be able to save her comrades. This exceptional sense of loyalty makes her character appear caring, despite common bursts of rage. She can also resemble a true girl, showing her passion for nice things and beautiful clothes.

Speaking of clothes and armor, her collection of outfits is huge, ranging from the level of armor, magic or accessibility in the particular situation. She can wield more than 200 weapons, including staffs, swords and many other. Her Requip Magic ability allows her to change her outfits as well as armor with ease at any time, which she does not hesitate to use if the situation is favorable.

What do you think about Erza Scarlet? Does she fit into your vision of a perfect anime female character? If so, then let everyone know why do you think she is the best!


Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia often tops many lists of best female anime characters and for many reasons. She is a character from Fairy Tail anime series and we all know how good the Guild girls can be. Lucy is a part of Team Natsu and together with Erza Scarlet they easily make their crew have the hottest slash the strongest female duo in the series.

Lucy is that kind of a girl who knows for certain that she is sexy and men and boys want her. 36-inch bust man, how can you resist that? She likes her appearance as well as curves and is not afraid to underline that by revealing clothes. This might seem like a total arrogance, self-passion and so on, but as the story progresses, we realize that Lucy is kind, caring and a good friend. She is smart and can’t get enough of good literature, which pushed her to write her own novel about the adventures in the Fairy Tail Guild. She loves cooking, shopping, and men who know what they are doing and are assertive both in speaking and action. There’s a tip on getting a girlfriend, our single fellas!

Lucy is a Celestial Spirit mage. The summoned spirits would help with some assignments as well as be the guardians. Lucy can use the spirit that possesses a certain set of skills suitable for each situation. Many Lucy’s abilities make her clothing change, resembling that specific power that she has gained access of right now. Lucy mainly uses Spirit Gate Keys that let her access various spirits with a number of different powers, becoming an ultra-useful tool to have.

What do you think about this hot member of the guild? Does she qualify to be the best anime girl ever? Let us know!

Sakura Haruno - Naruto
Nami - One Piece

Hinata Hyuga - Naruto

When you hear someone talking about “that cute anime girl”, you definitely want to ask if that’s Hinata, right? A shy and tiny girl that can not harm a fly, that’s how she appears before our eyes in Naruto series. A born member of a great clan, she was not deemed worthy of being an heir because of the weak body and weak spirit, according to her father. Being haunted by the everlasting pressure of not matching the expectations, she grows even weaker and lonelier by the time she graduates from the ninja school. Hinata is very caring and would do anything to help or protect people she loves, even by sacrificing her own welfare and even life. She protects Naruto when he is in great danger and even allows him to peek at her answers during the Chunin exam, despite exposing herself to the risk of being disqualified.

Hinata evolves through the show and we can clearly see three stages of her evolution as a character and shinobi. On stage 1 she is a shy girl that hates conflicts, properly operating with Byakugan, inherited feature of the clan which grants her ultimate vision over opponent’s chakra, which can be used both in combat and when tracking the target. Next stage is more revealing for Hinata. She becomes stronger, less afraid to take action herself and more up to shutting people's’ mouths when needed. The final stage of her transformation would be a full-grown Hinata-shinobi with exceptional skills able to complete top priority tasks often with her life at stake. During the course of the series, she holds a passionate love for Naruto deep inside her heart which grows into a successful relationship. Tell us what you think about such a lovely lady with a thin voice and huge heart!


C.C. - Code Geass

If you are looking for the best female characters, C.C. (or C2) of Code Geass is definitely the one to take into account. This girl with a long light green hair is literally immortal. No wonder she could top any list of characters. Her regeneration skills are crazy, allowing her to heal any wound, providing the time is there to take. With such a convenient perk, it is only natural that her body does not age at all, therefore she has been around for a very, very long time. In the series, we see her as an apathetic individual who is not interested in most of the things that surround her, mainly due to the vast personal experience. Seriously, would still you enjoy the peanut butter after eating it for centuries? That rule does not apply for pizza though, as C.C. loves it so badly that it sometimes leads her to being captured.

We can briefly see her true nature when she erases her memories and gets rid of all the weight and pressure the years have brought her. Without the mask of indifference, she regains her warmth, happiness, and fears, all traits that make us human. A short time after she gets her memories back and the cold-blooded apathetic killing machine is back to business as usual.

C2 shares the passion for outfits, as she possesses a countless amount of things she likes to wear. She is very willful and aspires to get what she wants all the time. This is one of the many traits that make her so popular among the anime fans, along with her stunning appearance.

Let us know what do you think about C.C.! How did she conquer your heart?


Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online

Female anime characters like Asuna will always make us want to watch some good old Japanese animated series. She was among the first 10 thousand players who were trapped in Sword Art Online, a virtual reality MMORPG that was launched in near future, 2022. She has brown (closer to orange) hair, red leather tunic, leather pants, breast chest plate - anything you need for a top-notch female avatar that is attractive and yet able to kick some butt in the process of looking good. She also joins forces with a clan, The Knights of Blood, later on.

At the beginning of the series, it is easy to see that Asuna does not really care if she dies in the game. It’s just the game after all, despite being set up in a virtual reality and her thoughts on that are totally understandable. She meets Kirito and the boy becomes the turning point in her life, as she starts to take the game way more seriously and uses Kirito as a constant support as well as advisor. Asuna also does not like when someone makes fun of her and is capable of getting things done in solo fashion. Her emotions are both a weak and a strong point of her personality. She can either use the emotions to boost her own powers and save people she loves or can get manipulated into doing things she would not normally feel like accomplishing.

We almost forgot to mention the juicy stuff: Asuna’s breast/waist/hips measurement is 80/59/82 which makes us think that she might have become a decent model. Anyway, what is your favorite thing about Asuna? Her appearance, personality, or exceptional skills? Let everyone know what you think in the comment section.


Mikasa Ackerman

Anime girls have a soothing effect on our eyes if they deserve our time investment of course. Mikasa and her role in the Attack on Titan surely live up to the standards. Being the main female character in the series, she gives us a lot to think about and fully judge her traits and actions throughout the plot. Her chin-long black hair has turned iconic now and her stylish, somewhat vintage look is still a joy to witness. Young Mikasa is a very cheerful person that lives happily with her parents and embraces the world and all its beauty.

Criminals murdered her parents and she was forced to kill for the time as well in order to survive. This caused her cynical view of the world to emerge and she started to believe that only strong would be able to survive. She is trustful and loyal to her friends, will do anything to protect them and cares deeply about their welfare, though will not hesitate before taking the enemy’s life.

Harsh environment and constant need to fight for her life made her develop a strong willpower, unyielding nature and compliment all that with an excellent physique, which allowed Mikasa to compete even with the strongest opponents. She made her way into the army’s scouting regiment and her uniform is the most precious thing for her, as she lives to be worthy of the jacket and do it justice. Such strength, attitude, and resilience make even the most brutal man develop a huge feeling of respect towards this young woman and support her in the adventures. And what do you think about Mikasa? How well does she perform for a protagonist of the whole series?


Bulma Brief - Dragon Ball

We all know that most of the anime girls are beautiful and still tough as hell, having the ability to conduct a tiny local genocide if the screenwriters so desire. But how about really smart girls? Well, we have that in abundance as well, with Bulma claiming a strong spot among the top 10, if not the best female scientists in anime worlds. She is a true mastermind and a veteran of the whole Dragon Ball series, being the major character for the whole duration of manga and a huge number of anime versions, Dragon Ball GT being the last of those. During the course of the show, she managed to change her hairstyle whole 18 times. Also, despite having a regular outfit, she is that kind of anime girl that can change her apparel from time to time.

As you probably know already, Bulma’s intellect is exceptional, putting her way above most of the characters in the anime. She is an expert in alien technology as well as biology which allowed her to create hyper-advanced armor, mimicking the features of those that aliens wore. Bulma is also a skilled pilot and a promising mother, which we find out later in the series. She is not a fighter but has developed a very efficient skill of using a solid armory which includes weapons of many sizes and purposes. This alone can make her an invaluable member of any team, let alone taking into account her intellect.

What do you think about Bulma? Does she charm you with her wisdom and brain or she still looks like a hot woman to you? Which of the factors makes you think that she is the best anime girl? Let everyone know using the comment section and don’t forget to leave your vote.

Rin Tohsaka - Fate/Stay

Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail

Mirajane is that cute anime girl from Fairy Tail with a below average height, beautiful hair and even better body. Mrs. Strauss is a mage of S-class, able to perform the most complicated techniques and stands out from a number of other followers of magic. She impersonates a huge change during the years of becoming an adult. As a younger girl, Mirajane was feared and never hesitated to drop the insult bombs on anyone that made her angry or annoyed.

She was a great rival of Ezra, never missing a chance to exchange unpleasant metaphors towards each other. All of that was underlined by a gothic apparel, which only made her look even more menacing to others. On the other hand, she had a fragile soul under a thick layer of insults and cold-blooded bullying. Her demonic magical powers made her question her own existence and human-like origin.

Tragic events of her life made her change completely, including her personality and the everlasting desire to stand in someone’s way. She is a loving, caring and kind lady that forgot how to wear punk teenage clothes in favor of sleeveless dresses that add to the natural beauty of her body and the background of a female mage.

Later in the show, she unlocks her best power, the ultimate technique, called Satan Soul which gets Mirajane transformed into a demonic woman with a lizard tail and a snow-white hair, a perfect and deadly combination of ultimate power, extreme beauty and sexuality. Some even call the moment when Mirajane finally unleashes her final power the best one from Fairy Tail where her character is present. And what do you think? Should she get so much credit? Which are your criteria for picking a top female in anime? Let us know!


Android 18 - Dragon Ball Z

This Dragon Ball anime girl can definitely ring a bell for a generation or two. Due to the series massive popularity worldwide, there are millions of people who know what Dragon Ball is and thus are familiar to this ex-alive human turned into a robotic creature while keeping the features of a normal person. Lazuli (her real name) is the eighteenth android, hence the name, of Dr. Gero. Her primary function was to do anything that aids Gero’s revenge plan against Goku. But we know that nothing in the Dragon Ball sticks to its primary goals and that’s where the surprises start to pop up. Android 18 has the same story here.

She is massively strong, despite her small size and the face of a young girl. Her personality at first appears to be nothing different from the androids that we have already seen: cold, tempered, careful planning, strategic way of thinking and taking into account all details. But this is spiced up by simple yet very effective and touching humor, melting the ice that surrounds the character. We can see №18 gain more compassion and kindness, sometimes showing way more human traits than people who were never touched by the technology or modified by a doctor to become a killing machine.

She manages to fall in love with Krillin, become his wife and a loving mother of a lovely girl named Marron. Being an android sometimes makes it awkward for her to express her true feelings and affection, but eventually, her human side prevails and we all can witness that she is not even remotely a robot with no soul.

What do you think about 18 and her love interests, as well as immense strength? Let the RankTopTen community know by posting a comment about her!

Ino Yamanaka - Naruto

Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry is one of those female anime characters that combine natural beauty, fit body, and skills that are considered to be “manly”, like engineering and dealing with mechanics. Though being a supportive character for the 2 main heroes, she is a highlight of Fullmetal Alchemist anime. Winry also knows a thing or two about surgery, making herself an invaluable member of the team when it comes to fixing the wound and getting the mechanisms up and operational again. Her appearance is very attractive for many characters, which are not afraid to express their excitement over the girl. However, natural parameters, pierced ears, and long blond hair never interfere with her passion for fixing stuff and making things work again, wearing a working suit that can often be seen of vintage factories. It is almost as she denies being a girl and fully dedicates herself to becoming a better mechanic.

Edward would often tease Winry for not being sexually attractive at all at the beginning of the story, but that quickly changes over the course of the series as she grows into a woman with awesome shapes and ultimately becomes Edward’s love interest. Winry has a very strong will, not ashamed of letting some emotions slip through and has a very kind heart. She is often called a crazy gearhead because she spends almost all of her time toying with various mechanisms. She is the one behind designing and creating new limbs for Edward after he becomes the victim of a failed Human Transmutation experiment. Winry is often the best moral support for the main heroes and helps them make it through many difficult situations.

What are your thoughts on this brilliant mechanic and a beautiful girl, all in one bottle? Leave your vote and post a comment about this character!

Kotoko Aihara - Itazura na Kiss
Juvia Lockser - Fairy Tail
Sinon - Sword Art Online II
Ultear - Fairy Tail
Asami Sato - Legend of Korra
Kikyo - InuYasha
Yoko Littner - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Boa Hancock - One Piece
Wendy Marvell - Fairy Tail
Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha
Levy McGarden - Fairy Tail
Mavis Vermillion - Fairy Tail
Rias Gremory - High School DxD
Inori - Guilty Crown
Kaori Miyazono
Akame - Akame ga Kill!
Mikoto Misaka - A Certain Magical Index
Saber - Fate/Stay Night
Makise Kaurisu - Steins;Gate
Holo - Spice & Wolf
Misaki - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama