Hinata Hyuga - Naruto from Best Female Anime Characters

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When you hear someone talking about “that cute anime girl”, you definitely want to ask if that’s Hinata, right? A shy and tiny girl that can not harm a fly, that’s how she appears before our eyes in Naruto series. A born member of a great clan, she was not deemed worthy of being an heir because of the weak body and weak spirit, according to her father. Being haunted by the everlasting pressure of not matching the expectations, she grows even weaker and lonelier by the time she graduates from the ninja school. Hinata is very caring and would do anything to help or protect people she loves, even by sacrificing her own welfare and even life. She protects Naruto when he is in great danger and even allows him to peek at her answers during the Chunin exam, despite exposing herself to the risk of being disqualified.

Hinata evolves through the show and we can clearly see three stages of her evolution as a character and shinobi. On stage 1 she is a shy girl that hates conflicts, properly operating with Byakugan, inherited feature of the clan which grants her ultimate vision over opponent’s chakra, which can be used both in combat and when tracking the target. Next stage is more revealing for Hinata. She becomes stronger, less afraid to take action herself and more up to shutting people's’ mouths when needed. The final stage of her transformation would be a full-grown Hinata-shinobi with exceptional skills able to complete top priority tasks often with her life at stake. During the course of the series, she holds a passionate love for Naruto deep inside her heart which grows into a successful relationship. Tell us what you think about such a lovely lady with a thin voice and huge heart!


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