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The list of Game of Thrones episodes would be empty without “The Children”. Finale of Season Four, it shows Stannis helping Jon, Tyrion having his revenge and killing Tywin and Shae and Daenerys hiding her dragons underground. Battle between Brienne and Hound with Aria refusing to end the latter’s misery is cream on the crop.


I like the season finale but, as I read the books, I expected more. Why? Book 3 os perfect and the show didn't quite make it honor. Bit, more importante, there are importante changes that I still haven't decided whether I like them or not: Differences with the book: be careful: these are not spoilers but... close: Jojen doesn't die. Brienne never meets Arya and te Hound. The Hound's "death" it's like that in the books, but not as a result of a fight with Brienne. The reason why Tyrion goes to kill Tywin is cuz Jaime shoots an awful truth at him while saving him about Tyrion's 1st wife, Tysha. Cersei's confesion never happens. I don't remember that Jon burns Ygritte in the North but ir was a nice touch. The epiloge of book had an unexpected and shooking return, which didn't happen at all. This is probably what upsets me the most, cuz it was just... OMG! Should have been there. Anyway, the most importante things are there.

It kills me to see the Dragons in (emotional) pain but I got a sick sense of satisfaction out of Shae being strangled... I should probably see a psychiatrist..

In the book it is never confirmed that Jojen dies but most readers suspect it. Jojen was very sick when he arrived. Some people even think Jojen's blood is in the mix they give bran to consume.

I loved this episode. I loved the changes to Jamie and Tyrion's conversation I always hated how Jamie betrayed Tyrion with Tysha so I'm glad they left that out. Excited for Jon-Red woman interactions next year. I'm worried about where they are going to go with Brienne's storyline. Right now Brienne's storyline is almost caught up with where she is at the end of book 5 except for the dead woman exclusions. Soon Brienne's storyline will become filler or enter into unwritten storyline unless they kill her off. In the books always felt like she would never live to see the end but in the show they've made her a main character so I don't know.

I loved the episode and was quite pleased to see Tywin die at the hands of his son...on Father's Day no less. Sadly Shea wound up dead because of her turn on Tyrone but could that be after the way he talked to her to get her to leave town??? The fact that she was in his father's bed made it ok to me. On another note...great scene with Stannis on the other side of the wall but how did they get to the other side of the wall so quickly...don't the have to go through the "tunnel" All those horses that fast. Amazing. Loved the eopisode but now we need to wait nine more months :(

I almost cried when the dragons were locked up. I wish the Reed girl died instead of Jojen, he seemed like a stronger character. I don't know what her role will be now that he is gone.

that fight scene between the hound & brienne was brutal! makes me want to read the books. but what is the point of the massive wall if there is a hole in it??

I like the way GOT deviates slightly from what is written in the book. It kind of answers the "what if" questions that the book hints at. E.g. What if Cersei had confessed? What if Jojen had died? That way it keeps the readers of the books on their toes too.


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