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This one is ranked high on many lists of best Game of Thrones episodes. It is unpredictable and heartbreaking at the same time, leaving you with mixed emotions for hours. We see young dragons burn Astapor masters, realize that Theon’s escape was a setup made by Ramsay and mourn the lifeless Lord Commander Mormont. Crazy.


Who's torturing Theon? You know better than to ask us book readers - we're salivating at he mouth to discuss stuff like this. I hate people who spoil things, so I won't. But you may have missed it - the show has shown their emblem, which is the flayed man - e.g House of Bolton (Roose Bolton, sworn to Robb Stark). So presumably someone from that house. Any more...I'll say you'll find out soon. The reason we don't tell you because it's important for you not to know right now. There are machinations at work.

OK, I definitely missed that clue. And yes, I am a faithful non-reader of the books, so I am thoroughly unspoiled. But apparently those Boltons are everywhere this season as Locke, the dude who has Jaime, is also sworn to that House. I never thought that House was important at all, but apparently I'm wrong.

the last sentence on the first paragraph made me crack! totally agree jon and dany ftw

I have always been hoping that Dany ends up with Jon... and they both rule the 7 kingdoms

Most people who have read the book think the guy who rescued (only to lead him to another torturing) is the !$#!# of Bolton, a guy who has a really bad reputation of torturing people.

oh oops, my comment got bleeped. I was meant to say that he is the bast ard of Bolton.

Also relevant: take a look at the kid's face. Does he look like anyone we know?

MJ30 500 4/24/13 6:51 PM Report I guess I'm in the minority here but I would absolutely HATE if Dany and Jon end up together, also, unpopular opinion coming, I'm team Stannis for the iron throne. Having said that, I did love Daenerys actions in this episode and think is one of the most memorable and amazing moments in the (book and tv) series.

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