Best We Got Married Couples

We Got Married (Hangul: 우리 결혼했어요) was a South Korean reality variety show. It used to be one segment of the Sunday Sunday Night program. It aired on Saturday 17:00 KST on MBC. First broadcast in 2008, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married.[1] Each week, couples have assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings.


Sungjae x Joy

This young couple was such a breath of fresh air with their cute, youthful charms! They're so sweet and innocent at their young age that no one can help but smile at their antics that prove both lovable and lovey dovey.

i like this couple a lot. have been waiting article about this two couple for five years already, but nothing happen


Song Jae Rim x Kim So Eun

This should come as a surprise to no one as they were one of the most popular, beloved, and successful couples on the show. His cheesy lines offset well with her easygoing and tomboyish responses, but they still kept things sweet and steamy.


Yonghwa x Seohyun

These two made history by being the first idol couple of WGM! There were so many cute fail moments with this couple, but all these made their bond even stronger! This adorable couple gave you the famous "Banmal Song" which sings about Seohyun's difficulty using banmal (informal speech) with Yonghwa!


Nichkhun x Victoria

First "foreigner" couple on WGM, Victoria melted Nichkhun's heart with her signature aegyo while Nichkhun was the most considerate and romantic husband ever! The couple had a veggie garden together and they even flew to Thailand to meet Nichkhun's family! The family loved Victoria, of course!

Khuntoria forever!!


Taemin x Na-Eun

Both Taemin and Na-Eun were super shy and awkward at first, but watching the two become more and more relaxed and uncomfortable with each other was so cute! Usually a cute maknae of SHINee, Taemin was eager to be more "oppa-like" in front of his wife, and Na-Eun, usually reserved, learned to be more expressive in the marriage!


Jo Kwon x Ga In

Jo Kwon and Ga In are the Adam & Eve couple for a reason - they were a match made in heaven! While both come from a different world, together they are nothing but cute and hilarious. Jo Kwon's comical and flamboyant nature often made Ga In crack up and show off her more happy-go-lucky side opposed to her more serious and sultry side.


Alex x Shin Ae

One of the original couples of WGM, Alex and Shin Ae made all girls jealous while making a lot of guys uncomfortable. Alex was just too perfect! He would cook, clean, and sing for her. He even washed her feet! Perhaps the most romantic couple on WGM, many wanted them to get married in real life!


Crown J x Seo In Young

The 'Ant couple' was definitely amusing, especially because Seo In Young was such a sassy badass who said whatever she wanted. Crown J for the most part went along with her whims and spunk for a fun ride for both the couple and the viewers.


Jung Joon Young x Jung Yoo Mi

This couple was not only fans' favorite but also the panel's favorite. Unlike other couples who were adorable and cute, Jung Joon Young brought his weird, quirkiness into the relationship, driving Jung Yoo Mi mad! But they were perfect for each other, with Jung Yoo Mi sometimes being equally odd yet sweet. She even starred in Jung Joon Young's MV in real life, proving that their relationship was more than just for TV.


Andy x Solbi

This couple was really popular back when 'We Got Married' was a fledgling show because Solbi was an amusing badass who kept Andy on his toes! They were a sweet couple that caused a lot of laughs.