Total Drama Characters

Total Drama, a place where tension gets real. This Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch animation series is a proud representative of Canadian cartoon industry.

As of today, 5 seasons were aired worldwide and according to the creators, 10 seasons is a target. Despite this information, no news about next sequels of the series were shared with the public. These 5 seasons of comical reflection of modern day reality shows have developed a potent feeling for at least one of the characters. Each season brings a whole set of new participants with a winner named in the last episode, giving birth to speculations about the next victor and who are the best Total Drama characters. A unique flavor makes each character of the show different and hard to forget. We have conducted a list of Total Drama characters and now you have an opportunity to pick your favorite along with other people, building a chart of heroes, ranging from best to worst. Elimination system, trickery, honesty and cynicism make characters either hated or loved. Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Owen and many more, each with a charm and magnetism. It can attract admiration or push away with the strongest feeling of disgust and desire for the character to get eliminated asap.

Did you just feel this overwhelming competitiveness, same as we did? Teams, challenges, leaders and underdogs, good guys and bad guys, but only one winner (most of the times). It’s time to name your Drama favorite of all time and see what others have to say.



Noah, The Schemer. What more do you need to describe this guy? One of the original Total Drama characters, he kind of fails to make a good first impression on others and the viewers, notifying Chris about a big list of his allergies. Cynical, lazy to participate in the competitions, he makes the situation even worse, setting Screaming Goffers’ attitude negatively towards himself.

A true veteran of Total Drama, appearing in 49 episodes, he experiences serious personality changes during the course of the reality show. Many viewers considered him a downright underdog of the series and rightfully so. He passed out during the run and Owen had to carry him to the finish line. However, when it is announced that Goffers are most likely to be victorious in the morning run, he wakes up and cheers with everybody else. Coincidence or carefully planned escape route? Noah proves that he might be lazy, not up for most of the challenges and indifferent to his team, he is certainly not stupid.

He often leaves hidden messages while speaking in his cryptic manner, which is left unnoticed by his teammates most of the time. He gets eliminated a couple of times in a row and becomes annoyed at it, developing a competitive spirit and changing his attitude. Later in the show, he experiences love for the first time in his life. Being fully occupied with love he becomes more dreamy and dives into the imaginary world of his own thoughts.

Noah is one of those characters that slowly makes us change his opinion about him and we grow together as personalities. How do you think, was he underrated all of the time or the negativity was totally deserved?

Noah is the best character

Noah is very relatable.



Gwen is one of the 22 original Total Drama contestants and she definitely knows what is the show all about and how the system works. Her label is The Loner and she does justify that one with her attitude. Cold-hearted, distanced from everybody else, not willing to take part in the local quarrels as she thinks that it is not where she belongs. Even that first episode of Total Drama: Island makes us instantly think that that goth girl will not be very communicative and set up links with other participants.

As we dive further into the story, we find out that Gwen is not unwilling to communicate, but takes a very careful approach towards accepting someone in her life as a friend. Despite the spiky shell she has a very sensitive heart and she has to make sure that the person deserves to enter the inner circle of people that she can trust.

She is fond of art and astronomy and karma is a real thing for her. She becomes more open after each season and accepts that she wants to be loved by the fans as well. Gwen first accepts Trent and later Duncan as we continue the venture into the deeper levels of her personality and find out that she is strong, yet fragile and still needs someone to love her and cuddle each morning.

She proves her skills and endurance by either winning or coming runner-up (depending on a country) of the first season and becomes loved by the public. What about you? Is Gwen your top Total Drama character and her relationship with Dunkan is what you’ve asked for? Go ahead and submit a comment with your thoughts on this girl with black and teal hair and a passion for horror movies.

because she was very nice in the 1 season

Ew boyfriend kisser



We can recognize that green mohawk from millions of others. Considered a Total Drama favorite by a lot of viewers, he really earns respect by his actions that lead Killer Bass to victory on many occasions. Remember that dodgeball episode? Duncan was top class, coordinating his team and sharing actual tactics which proved that he is the leader of the team and proved that by becoming the Killer Bass member with the highest rankings from Season One to Three. That definitely deserves a credit.

Extraordinary look, piercings all over the body and only that makes Dunkan is the bad-ass of the series judging by his look only, not even mentioning how he copes with the difficult situations that often overwhelm participants of Total Drama. But even Duncan can feel strong emotions as he gets closer with Gwen. Through this curious relationship, we find out that Duncan loves horror movies, enjoys having fun and fooling around with people he really likes.

He is the only male character to participate in four seasons which puts him high up the list of seasoned Total Drama characters and we get to know him really well as the show progresses. He can be unselfish and caring as well as strong and ruthless. He adapts to the situations and that makes us like him even more.

What do you think about Duncan? Were you supporting the guy from the start or does it irritate you when just looking at him? Leave a comment and explain your attitude towards this character, letting everyone know what you think.

He carried a whale and wrestled an alligator. That's damn impressive



Heather is most definitely not among the best Total Drama characters as far as community tastes go. She is a downright antagonist of the series and by thinking that she is better than anyone else Heather quickly makes every other contestant dislike her if not hate. Manipulations, deception and false friendships - Heather will use all means possible to accomplish her goals. And fair play to her, she always finds a way to get what she wants.

Heather quickly assures us by her actions that if she is friendly with you, then you are an asset, one of the possible tools she will not hesitate to use when the time is right. Heather’s ultimate goal is getting to the prize money. Let’s be honest, even if she is not liked by the majority of the characters and audience, she is slowly getting there step by step. Disrupting enemy team by false accusations and covert actions she makes sure that other team will argue and be mad at each other instead of competing. She successfully employs that tactic to her own team by making alliances and seizing the indirect control over the affairs of others.

Heather’s action makes it hard to distinguish sincerity form kindness to be benefited at the end. We find out that she does not like being mean and wants to be a good guy at some point. Her romance with Alejandro can show that she is not completely mean and can feel something, though not enough to restrain her from the desire of victory (money prize).

Despite all her actions, she never managed to win in any season she participated despite appearing in 75 episodes overall. What do you think about Heather? Let us know in the comments below!

she is the best villain of total drama

She was an icon and a legend

is this here wen she was a kid



Lindsay has a look of a model, kind heart and acts genuinely though not having much in terms of intellect. A Total Drama favorite of many, she is bright and warmingly satisfying to watch while laughing when she funny embarrasses herself or cheer for her when she faces her problems. She first appears in Total Drama: Island, then Action, World Tour and All-Stars, bringing her character and charisma alongside. Being a very dreamy person she can amuse anyone by confusing everybody’s names and coming up with childish ideas.

There is a negative side of her childish nature as she is easy to be lured into false friendships and manipulated. Heather realizes that potential and forms the first ever alliance of the show with Beth, a girl who would do anything just to look as the person she admires, and Lindsay, extremely trusting girl.

Lindsay knows of her beauty and “Her Hotness” is her favorite nickname, which is totally deserved. As we progress through the series she proves that she is able to solve problems on her own and even win the competitions if need be. She can be true friends with other contestants, help them out and even give pep talks to her team, making the performance way better.

She never won the main prize or even got to the final three, but she still has left a good mark on the show, staying in the fans’ memories for a long time.

What is your opinion on Lindsay? Use the comment section to express your thoughts and vote for the character if you like her!



Courtney was a participant in four seasons of the show but have never managed to win one. Getting eliminated in episode 12 of the Island, she improves her results and the following three Courtney’s appearances earn her places from 4th to 7th. First appearing as an optimistic and cheerful person, she makes us change our views due to her severe reaction to any defeat or change of plans that do not suit her.

Do you have anyone to lead your football team? Want someone to be in charge of your acting class or just tell you what to do all the time? You better call Courtney! This attitude of pretending to be the leader for everybody she quickly annoys characters and in some occasions becomes a villain of the show.

Courtney sometimes reminds us of Heather, when she does not hesitate to use any means to get what she wants. This way of doing things is not much appreciated on Total Drama and sometimes it costs Courtney a place on the show. She even manages to win her place in Total Drama: Action by winning a lawsuit to the creators of the show. You can have no doubt that this girl will get what she wants. She also gets occupied in a short-term relationship with Duncan which does not go that well. Courtney eventually proves that she will put aside all friendly and romantic relations to get a big reward.

Despite being disliked by the majority of other contestants (no matter the season) she still manages to work her magic and get pretty far in each season after the Island using all her skills and physical endurance.

Would you vote for Courtney in one of our lists? Let us know why!

I took the total drama test and got Cortney then Ducan.

she should be higher up because she kept on and consistently had the best moments of the seasons she was in she helped her team and deserved to win atleast one of the seasons



This guy strikes us with his optimistic approach since the very beginning of Total Drama: Island. Alway cheerful, trying to lift the spirits of the others by motivational speaking or just doing clumsy and hilarious things, he truly deserves his label of The Party Guy. Owen appeared in 89 episodes of the show and the majority of them are fun, entertaining and bright, filled with his charisma and positiveness.

He is fond of three things: eating, having fun and … farting. We can witness an ultra combo of Owen running around naked and releasing the gas all over the place.Owen loves a good meal and it costs his team a victory in one of the episodes. Always fighting until the last moment, he earns our respect and admiration.

Even though he appears to be a cheerful and somewhat not very smart, he sometimes gets concerned about his teammates not understanding his true identity and feelings. Owen can experience things on a deep emotional level and takes stress hard, eating all the time to ease the pressure, as he mentioned during the show. He opens up to Heather about his feelings of not being understood and we can clearly see that he is not just a brute with pink clouds instead of his brain, he can also be a very sensitive person. Owen does not pursue the goal of getting rich, but feeling fun and having a good time in the process, which makes him stand out from other contestants. He is smart enough to team up with other participants in order to make the struggle easier. And… he farts, a lot. But we can forgive this little issue for our good old pal Owen, can’t we?>/p>



Ever knew that guy who couldn’t get the attention of girls but thought of himself as a god of pick-up lines? Well, that’s Cody among all Total Drama characters. A very smart guy who’d rather not call himself The Geek, as labelled, but a cool guy who gets along with the other gender super good. As we can see later, his pick-up lines are no good to work for the girls and even if that manages to squeeze out an emotion out of someone, it would be mockery, friendly amusement or irritation. Poor Cody.

His knowledge and intelligence allows him to be the brain of his team and alliance when he joins one. He helps Owen find the treasure and comes up with effective ideas to prevent the alliance from breaking apart and proving himself to be a valuable asset for the team. While on Total Drama: Island he gets eliminated quickly, only lasting for a couple of episodes, after returning to the show during the World Tour, manages to get into the final 3. He loses the victory being only one step away from it and that what really makes feel for the guy.

Cody develops strong feelings towards Gwen in the first season and even lets her be with Trent just to see her happy. He carries his love and devotion to the World Tour and punches Duncan for kissing Gwen, though not ready to disrupt her happiness. He is smart and a very nice guy and surely stands out as someone to root for when you dive into his characters and what he has to go through.

And what are your thoughts about Cody? Make sure you use the comment section below to share all your evaluation of his actions and personality. Go on, don’t limit yourself!

My favourite TD character



Dawn, The Moonchild, makes her debut in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Lasting only for 6 episodes, she still manages to confuse and amuse us at the same time. Animal lover to the bones, she could make a fine friend for Bridgette. Furthermore not does Dawn like the animals, but they absolutely adore her as she manages to establish some sort of a special connection between the representatives of the nature and communicates with them even despite their mutations.

She is mysterious and looks creepy to most of the contestants with her pale skin and preference to be alone for long periods of time. She practices meditation techniques and finds amusement in reading tea leaves. Quite creepy, we totally agree. Dawn also manages to stay dry after the boat she was on was blown up and there could be no way she could get there first, but she reached the shore before anybody else and had not a single drop of water on her. This sets off many contestants and they do not like her presence, especially when she foresees Dakota's fate and that her hair will turn green, along with other … improvements.

Dawn is still kind and helping, ready to offer her assistance at any given moment but often her good intentions are neglected by other contestant’s prejudice that appeared because of her unusual talents and skill.

What do you think? Does Dawn deserve to be more on the show? Did you like her look and powers that scared most of the show’s cast.



The entire fifth season has already finished airing in the United States and Canada with Mike and Sky as the most recent winners. For the most recent seasons, the United States and other countries usually air the seasons first and before Canada gets to air it (usually the following year).

Mike is my favorite character in total drama

He da best



Appearing in three seasons, Bridgette never was among the best Total Drama characters with the 10th position being her highest ever result in the show. She is a vegetarian and loves animals with all of her heart and never forgets that even under a huge pressure of competitions and other characters.

During the course of the show, we easily make sure that she Bridgette is better off in the water than on the mainland. She is a surfer and water is her second home and a passion for the life, along with the animals. She is clumsy on the surface and sometimes that even costs her team a victory, not even mentioning the common irritation and frustration. Bridgette is the peacekeeper for her team and the whole camp on any season of the show she appears. She condemns violence, treachery and using one another to pursue personal goals. She believes that when there is a team, it must be united no matter what and that is the only way to win the whole thing. Her inspirational talks have always helped Bridgette make her team stay together and get out of trouble combining their strength.

She is kind but knows when to get angry yet polite. Bridgette appears as one of the good guys of the show, maintaining the positive balance in the team and being a good and forgiving friend. She can be annoying as well, especially when she makes out with Geoff in public places and supports Owen after declaring her backing of Gwen. But these little things do not change our attitude much towards her.

Voice your amusement or displeasure over Bridgette's character, values, and actions! Use the comment section below and have fun.

Mr. Coconut





Funny Jock, like his funny fails

Funny Jock

Funny Jock

Chris McLean

do you play owen too




Justin is a beautiful man who gets almost anything he wants through his charm and good looks. Some people seem to really hate him because of this, saying he’s “manipulative” and “conceited,” but I think anyone THAT beautiful deserves to use their god-given advantages for their own benefit. The only people who get mad about it are just jealous that they aren’t attractive enough to do the same.