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Gwen is one of the 22 original Total Drama contestants and she definitely knows what is the show all about and how the system works. Her label is The Loner and she does justify that one with her attitude. Cold-hearted, distanced from everybody else, not willing to take part in the local quarrels as she thinks that it is not where she belongs. Even that first episode of Total Drama: Island makes us instantly think that that goth girl will not be very communicative and set up links with other participants.

As we dive further into the story, we find out that Gwen is not unwilling to communicate, but takes a very careful approach towards accepting someone in her life as a friend. Despite the spiky shell she has a very sensitive heart and she has to make sure that the person deserves to enter the inner circle of people that she can trust.

She is fond of art and astronomy and karma is a real thing for her. She becomes more open after each season and accepts that she wants to be loved by the fans as well. Gwen first accepts Trent and later Duncan as we continue the venture into the deeper levels of her personality and find out that she is strong, yet fragile and still needs someone to love her and cuddle each morning.

She proves her skills and endurance by either winning or coming runner-up (depending on a country) of the first season and becomes loved by the public. What about you? Is Gwen your top Total Drama character and her relationship with Dunkan is what you’ve asked for? Go ahead and submit a comment with your thoughts on this girl with black and teal hair and a passion for horror movies.


because she was very nice in the 1 season

Ew boyfriend kisser

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