The Junior Mint - Season 4, Episode 20 (1993) from Best Seinfeld Episodes

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"The Junior Mint" is the 60th episode of the American sitcom Seinfeld. It was the 20th episode of the fourth season. It aired on March 18, 1993. This episode won Michael Richards his first Emmy of the series.Unable to remember the name of the woman he is dating (played by Susan Walters), Jerry tries to solve the mystery, as it would be too awkward given the time they have spent together to simply ask her. Given the clue that her name rhymes with a part of the female anatomy, Jerry and George come up with possible candidates: Aretha (for urethra), Celeste and Hest (for breast), and Bovary (for ovary), and finally George suggests Mulva. The payoff to the joke comes at the end of the episode when she presses him to say her name. Jerry guesses Mulva (for vulva), causing her to storm out of Jerry's apartment. As she is leaving, Jerry incorrectly guesses another name, Gipple (for nipple) and Loreola (for areola). Then, in a flash of insight, Jerry runs to the window and yells "Dolores!" (rhyming with a common pronunciation of clitoris). The character returns in season 8's "The Foundation". In this later episode, George and Jerry refer to Dolores as Mulva among themselves.


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