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Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1985. The lineup, when first signed to Geffen Records in 1986, consisted of vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler.


Have a hard time giving them a high rating because of their lack of artistic ability and the fact that axel is a total dusche (in his defense, most lead singers are/have to be). Slash is an amazing guitarist, but your band is only as good as your weakest member.

Appetite was brilliant and then they are hit and miss after.

OK, Axle is the father that broke up our parents marriage. We want to hate him and Chinese Democracy. The truth is, CD has elements of Appetite and Illusion. The guitars dont suffer from the loss of Slash (I love slash). In fact with a good sound system you can hear incredible faint guitar tracks. I cant in all honesty say some of the records I see in BEA are better than ths. I know I'll listen to this more.

I love appetite for destruction but absolutely hate everything after.

GnR was the best band in the late 80s. They released Appetite For Destruction which is still one of the best hard rock albums ever. The Illusion albums had some great songs like Estranged, Civil war or November Rain, but most of them were filler tracks. After those albums, they got pretty terrible. Overall I still love them and consider them great, but without Slash's riffs and solos, they simply aren't that great.

For the most part a quality band. Their debut is a perfect rock album, Use Your Illusion 1 is mostly great. Use Your Illusion is listenable but You Could Be Mine is a standout song; it might be my favourite by the band.

A band that had the fire and passion that would revive Rock N' Roll in the late 80's. Then it went all wrong due to egos, drug and alcohol abuse. Appetite For Destruction is one fine debut album

Guns N Roses is by far the best band to come out of the mid-80's Sunset Strip scene. Of course that isn't saying a whole lot, but when GNR wanted to, and tried, they could write a truly amazing song. Some of my favorite rock songs belong to Guns N Roses, such as Estranged, Civil War, November Rain, Coma and even Sweet Child O Mine. For their time, they were one of the best bands in the world, but since then, it goes without saying that they are a shadow of their former, legendary self. I love Appetite, and the Use Your Illusions are for the most part very good albums, but all I can give them for the time being is an 8/10. Deserving of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

The real taste of the real blues-rock music, they did only two real albums (Appetite & Use Your Illusion) but they are incredibily perfect. No wonder they broke up, it was magic that they hadn't do it before...

The best band that came out of the hair-metal scene, this because they always felt more sincere and less caring about the looks. Pretty good first album and mostly singles from then on.

Use Your Illusion should have been one disc. Would have gone down in history. My perfect Use Your Illusion: 1. Civil War 2. Yesterdays 3. Don't Cry (original) 4. November Rain 5. Perfect Crime 6. Double Talkin Jive 7. Estranged 8. You Could Be Mine 9. Garden of Eden 10. Coma

These guys never did it for me. Always been annoyed by the riff for Sweet Child O' Mine being taken from Rush's Xanadu and no-one seems to notice. November Rain a good song though.

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