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Pink Floyd were an English rock band formed in London. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, extended compositions and elaborate live shows, they are one of the most commercially successful and influential groups in the history of popular music.


David Gilmore's guitar work may not be the quickest that anyone has seen, but his delivery is both skilled and emotional. Even though Bob Dylan and Lou Reed could smoke Pink Floyd lyrically on most songs, what Pink Floyd has that Bob Dylan and Lou Reed don't have is great delivery.

Wow Pink Floyd get a whole lotta love. Can't deny the overall ranking of their debut and the expected's like The Wall, Dark Side, and Animals and Wish You Were Here. But c'mon people. No Way in God's Green Earth albums like Meddle, Atom Heart Mother, Division Bell, Final Cut, Saucerful of Secrets or any other Pink Floyd album should be sniffing top 1000 albums of all time. This is just band love. These albums were interesting experiments in sound but they weren't excellent albums. Let's be reasonable about Pink Floyd. The debut which their original member was excellent. Then they found their niche on that 5 year-ish run with dark side to animals. Then they fell off. This band needs to come way way off 2 overall and back between 10-15 best band.

Experimental for the sake of it! I once heard an interview with Roger Waters recalling an episode where he was searching the house for something that could sound like a bass guitar. Finally he stumbled upon the perfect item....... a bass guitar. Great to hear someone of such stature admit their fallibility.

My mum used to be a midwife, in the mid eighties she attended the birth of one of Roger Water's kids. I tried to get her to have him sign my copy of The Wall; she refused, saying it was unethical. She's very rarely right, but on this ocassion I begrudgingly accept that she was correct

Objectively speaking,maybe the greatest band ever. Subjectively? Definitely so.

Love this band...when they got it right, they were superb. When they got it wrong though, I find them damn near unlistenable (same goes for the Stones and Jethro Tull). 'Animals' is probably my favourite record of all time, by anyone, ever.

Outstanding creativity and sense of music, these guys know what they're doing and their melodies are always on point. Waters is my favorite songwriter beacause of the way he uses irony and simplicity to make me feel complex emotions and connect with whatever story he is telling. Songs like “on the run”, “the great gig in the sky” and “waiting for the worms” separates them from other artists. They are the gods of music.

Some song's might be hard to get into because of their length, but yeah this band is amazing...enough said

One of my most favorite bands, one of the best, if not the best Prog Rock band of all time

How many different bands can one band be? Though the group was inconsistent at times, Pink Floyd's 1970s works form one of the most impressive artistic and creative runs that I can think of. They had a flare for the dramatic, with albums as different as "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and "The Wall" tackling topics both universal and personal with equal importance and priority.

I don't really view them as classic rock. Unlike most artists from the 60s-70s, PF's music stands up not just sonically but lyrically as well. Although TDSOTM and The Wall are great, their heavy use of experimentation and progression on albums like Meddle and Animals is truly timeless.

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