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A fully free torrent client supported by the revenue from the ads. It works on Windows and macOS, covering the majority of users. According to the developers, it is “The easiest torrent downloader”. It supports video and audio streaming, has a built-in VLC player, torrent search engine and RSS reader along with other good stuff.


I will say that the best BitTorrent client is whichever one your seedbox uses. That’s another way of saying if you’re using BitTorrent for any more than a handful of files and if you care at all about your seed ratio, then you should get a seedbox. A seedbox gives you an always on BitTorrent server that, typically, has a faster connection than a typical home does. That speeds up the downloads and makes it really easy to seed the hell out of a torrent, which is great for boosting your ratio. Plus, you’re not using your home bandwidth unless you’re actually FTP’ing a file. A happy byproduct is that by using a seedbox, you won't elicit any anti-BitTorrent measures your ISP might impose.

If you are going to use uTorrent, I recommend using the older version 2.2.1 and unchecking the auto-update and check for update buttons. This was back before they had ads and all the sketchy bullshit that infects them now. It is very reliable and works on all private trackers, who often recommend it and only it.

Happily going to look at four of these five. I’m using uTorrent now, and it’s absolutely embarrassing to have that pop open on my computer and be greeted by some skeezy ad. The bitcoin mining was pretty shady too. Their response of “eh, get over it” didn’t win any points with me either.

The key for me is I don’t want a client that is closed source or is going to come bundled with adware I have to opt out of. It’s why I went away from uTorrent and ended up with Deluge. Others I tried didn’t have the encryption, proxy support, and resource usage I was looking for.

I tried using qBittorrent, but I found it’s network interface binding (i.e., the “only download over VPN” feature) only worked inconsistently, whereas Vuze’s is rock solid. I’d much rather use FOSS software, but I can’t compromise on the functionality of that feature.

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