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FrostWire is probably the best torrent client that was developed via open source by the hands of hundreds of contributors from around the globe. It is a cross-platform software available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android which makes it extremely versatile and easy to adapt to all of your gadgets.


I don't torrent, but I'm curious why so many LH-ers do. I thought it's possible to track/record your ip address if you use torrent. So, say, you download/shared a copyrighted movie/song/etc., the publisher could theoretically track you based on your ip address. Isn't that a huge risk for something so inconsequential?

Well first off, not everything that's transmitted via the bittorrent protocol is illegal. Secondly, there are sites/trackers the government doesn't exactly know about. So they know Demonoid and TPB, but not some of the others.

The number of people prosecuted for filesharing versus the number of people that do it is almost inconsequential. I don't have a link to it off of the top of my head, but I believe it's on the order of the chances of getting hit by a car.

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