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This software is an open source torrent client that aims to have a small size, have an attractive interface, be fast and have more features than other clients. Its main definitive features include bandwidth scheduling, torrent management, and control, remote control over the main functions, torrent creation tool, torrent prioritizing and scheduling, etc.


My vote goes to Qbittorrent and here is why; you can stream video files while downloading on Mac, this option is not available on other clients.

Why would anyone NOT use Utorrent? Its all I ever used. At least before the days of P2P like Limewire. Though I feel WAY safer using UTorrent.

Transmission already comes preinstalled in most versions of Linux... it doesn’t come with a lot of trinkets but it gets the job done.

uTorrent 3.0 is very nice. Deluge looks good, but are there any compelling reasons to switch to it over uTorrent in a Windows environment?

I use µTorrent on my Windows laptop, but Transmission-daemon coupled with Transmission Remote on my Stora to download constantly.

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