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The best torrent client for those who love a very simple interface and a comprehensive information about each torrent if you’re into deeper exploration of the downloads and uploads. Tixati is also known for being lenient towards the amounts of RAM it eats to operate normally.


Really nice to see Tixati on this list. The only real downside I have come across with it is that a good number of private trackers do not fully support it. However one of it’s best features is the easy to use RSS feeds, trying to get them all set-up correctly on other clients I found to be a huge hassle. Tixati will run checks for me on all the shows my room mates and I watch and download them all into their own folders for Plex to match. It’s becoming harder and harder to support uTorrent in the direction they are taking the program, and I only begrudgingly pull it out for private trackers that need it.

utorrent has had this problem for awhile now where download speeds would just go to shit. All settings are good and all but oddly enough the speeds just die out to some times 200kb/s. Might be saying there are no seeders and such for the torrent but if I use Deluge I instantly jump to 7mb/s so something tells me it’s the program itself. Also I noticed utorrent eats up a lot of resources. I used the program a lot but gave up on it a few months ago, switched to Deluge and love it.

No no no no no no. People need to back away from uTorrent. Rights to the program was bought out by a different company, and now it’s a bloated mess. Not only is it going the way of Azureus with it’s ads and worthless media capabilities, they’ve been caught stuffing the software with adware and even a bitcoin miner without permission. I’ll vouch for Deluge at this point. It’s super light weight, has all the necessary knick knacks you need, and even has an optional web client.

I may have contributed to the nomination for Deluge, but I’m back, Doc—I’m back from the future—to rescind my recommendation. I’ve just discovered that, although Deluge has proxy settings in its preferences menu, it will just ignore those settings at random, which of course defeats the purpose of using them at all. Also, if you’re reading this in 2015, somebody please convince Donald Trump not to run for president. We’re kinda sorta in an apocalypse right now. KTHXBYE.

What the hell is wrong with Deluge and the language selection?! Can’t find an option anywhere. I had to search the internet for a fix and now I have to create a .cmd file to use just because they have some shitty bug? Leave it in english if you don’t know how to write code for localisations. A program is supposed to make your life easier not to annoy the hell out of you until you manage to get it running. 0.1/5 Uninstalled

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