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Vuze competes for the best torrent program title when it comes to team play. You are able to share the download between friends and receive a friendly boost. The Azureus platform allows to search and to publish content while downloading official or original stuff. It is also capable of opening files within the software.


incontournable pour Torrent et StreamTv/Torrent

The thing I love about Vuze is the streaming function to your TV. It can play most files (including mutliple soundtracks and subs) very easily and with high quality. Definately beats hooking up your TV as a second screen. Sometimes it doesn’t work though so I hope that VLC to Chromecast function is released soon.

I using it right now (and have since I switched from uTorrent ages ago), but I’m going to switch to whatever wins this top 10. Vuze has become bloated with a lot of adware and force/deceptive installation of crappy software and constantly tries to force you into using itself as a media player.

Hope you’re excited for another bloated client with a bunch of crapware and deception since uTorrent won. Just get Deluge, I’ve tried all the ones on this list and it’s still the best.

I’ve know a lot of people who use Vuze/Azureus they seem to love it. Why isn’t it listed?

So you’ll be switching back to uTorrent? ;) I love these top fives but sometimes I think the winner is really just the most popular, not necessarily the best. I’m using Deluge on my Raspberry Pi and I think it’s great (I’ve heard Transmission is good as well but I’ve not tried it); the plugin support is awesome. I guess it’s all about what you’re looking for: lightweight/headless, remote access, customizable with plugins, easy to use desktop client, occasional use, 10s of torrents, thousands of torrents?

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