Huion H610 Pro from Best Drawing Tablet in 2017

Huion H610 Pro 1 100x100

HUION H610 Pro Working Area:10x 6.25" The Huion H610Pro is one of Huion's most popular products. With its large active area of 10"x 6.25" the H610Pro allows you to create without any restrictions. The H610Pro’s specifications of 5080 LPI, 233RPS and 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity gives you highly responsive and natural control of line thickness, transparency and color. Huion 610Pro helps you accomplish the most sophisticated designing, drawing and writing tasks. Eight Express Keys&16 Soft Keys The 8 physical express-keys on the left and 16 hot cells on the top of the tablet are all customizable, providing you multiple ways to tailor your creative experience and increase your efficiency. Rechargeable Pen The Huion digital pen can completely replace a mouse allowing you to benefit from the freedom of using a pen. If you have a Mac or a Windows PC and love visual arts you will love the Huion H610Pro. What is in the box: A. Graphic Tablet (with USB cable) B. Rechargeable Pen (suitable for the right or left hand) C. Pen Stand (4 Pen tips inside) D. Drivers on CD with User Manual for Windows and Mac E. User Manual F. Pen Charging Cable


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