Ugee 1910B from Best Drawing Tablet in 2017

Ugee 1910B 1 100x100

The Ugee 1910B came with a nicely-size display size of 1440 x 900 that will go well with most monitors. I noticed that the tablet display was made out of glass and braced myself for the worst. Glass displays are very sleek and many artists have trouble transitioning from drawing on a tablet or even paper to drawing on a tablet display such as this one. There is also an issue with glare when using glass displays but tilting the Ugee 1910B using the including stand helps with this issue. When I began using the tablet display I noticed that the colors were a little off when comparing the image on the display in front of me and the computer screen. The colors were a little light or muted on the Ugee 1910B. I adjusted the color settings to have colors be a little darker and that caused some improvement.


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