Best Episodes of Doctor Who Season 8

I love Doctor Who and have decided to watch every episode made since 1963 in order.

I’m a completest and have to read book series and television series in order – I can’t start in the middle. Of course, I wasn’t alive in 1963 and live in the United States of America so it wouldn’t have been possible for me to watch Doctor Who since the beginning.

Americans first exposure to Doctor Who was with the 4th doctor, Tom Baker, and the series was shown on PBS in the 70′s and early 80′s. I’m ashamed to admit that when I was a kid I didn’t really care for it. Part of the reason was because my younger brother liked it and I was determined to dislike anything that he liked. And when I was younger I didn’t really care for science fiction, which I love now, and the voices of the Daleks really got on my nerves. (Although that may have been because my brother listened to the television so loudly).

So, like so many people I started really watching and becoming a Doctor Who fan with the new series that started in 2005 and featured Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. I was bummed when he left and David Tennant took over and then I loved him and thought that Matt Smith would be a horrible replacement. But Matt, seems like he’s going to be a great Doctor too. I suppose for people who have been watching Doctor Who all along the transition to a new Doctor has always been difficult. And I suppose that the Doctor who we were raised with will always be “our” Doctor. Even though I didn’t really watch Doctor Who make in the 70′s, in many ways Tom Baker is my Doctor Who. Here is my list of the Best Episodes of Doctor Who Season 8

Death In Heaven - Doctor Who
Kill The Moon - Doctor Who
Into The Dalek - Doctor Who
Robot Of Sherwood - Doctor Who
Deep Breath - Doctor Who
The Caretaker - Doctor Who
Time Heist - Doctor Who
Mummy On The Orient Express - Doctor Who
Flatline - Doctor Who
Dark Water - Doctor Who
Listen - Doctor Who
In The Forest Of The Night - Doctor Who