Best Episodes of Supernatural Season 10

My best Episodes of Supernatural...hmmm maybe Supernatural Recap: Episode 4.05 Monster Movie

As they drive into Pennsylvania, Dean goes on about the weirdness of the case: bite marks, and a witness who saw a vampire. They agree, though, that it’s nice to have a straightforward, black and white case.

The boys, clad in suits, enter a town’s Oktoberfest. Agents Angus and Young talk to the sheriff, who takes them to the morgue to see the victim, Marissa Wright, 26. She has two tooth marks on the side of her neck. Ed Brewer is the only witness, and not –according to the sheriff- exactly reliable.

In a pub, a pretty bartender –Jamie- makes eyes at Dean, as she walks toward the bar. Another server, Lucy, comments on Ed Brewer’s interest in her. The boys ask Jamie about Ed. She points the boys to the table where Ed’s sitting. Ed Brewer tells the boys that, on his way home through the park, he saw a woman struggling, as a man was biting her neck. He describes the vampire just like Dracula from the movies, in dress and in accent. They don’t believe it’s a real vampire. In fact, they begin to think this isn’t really their kind of case.

Sitting in the pub, Dean tells Sam that he needs to right certain “wrongs”. Coming back without any of his old scars, Dean figures that his virginity must be intact, as well.

What's your favorite episode in season 10?

Hibbing 911 10×08 by Jenny Klein & Phil Sgriccia
The Executioner’s Song 10×14 by Robert Berens
The Prisoner 10×22 by Andrew Dabb
Book of the Damned 10×18 by Robbie Thompson
The Things We Left Behind 10×09 by Andrew Dabb
Brother’s Keeper 10×23 by Jeremy Carver
The Werther Project 10×19 by Robert Berens
Inside Man 10×17 by Andrew Dabb
Angel Heart 10×20 by Robbie Thompson
Fan Fiction 10×05 by Robbie Thompson