Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis Electronic Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro Cameras from Best Gimbal Stabilizers for GoPro in 2017

Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis Electronic Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro Cameras 1 100x100

About the Gimbal

Initially we reviewed the Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis Electronic Gimbal for shooting a video handheld with a DSLR, and it worked fantastic.

Real life use

We used the Polaroid Gimbal to shoot videos from a Quad bike, the stabilization worked well. The build is really solid for the price. The quick release adapter isn’t bad but it is much heavier than necessary. The Gimbal uses a 3 axis system that lets the controller benefit from a 300 degree pan and tilt and a 90 degree roll. The model works great with all GoPro cameras as will most Gimbals. There are 3 function buttons on the handle for easy access and control. In the latest version, there is no built-in charging port on the gimbal itself. Instead, they provide an external battery charger, and you will have to remove the batteries every single time to recharge the device. The battery lasted us around 90 minutes of continues filming. Other Gimbals last almost double that time, but as always, you get what you pay for! The charging takes only a few hours, so the battery life of 90 mins isn’t too bad. We would advise this Polaroid Gopro Gimbal for novices just learning the ropes or maybe a child looking to start out taking professional looking videos, as it is extremely lightweight and takes only a few minutes to set


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