Best Inspirational Movies

With the development of motion pictures industry, more and more people try to create their movies with a touch that inspires people to do something. Not anything heroic like saving the planet, but pushing through those daily obstacles of ours, reaching little milestones that build up a greater success. Have you ever watched a movie that made you want to go and start working out, begin reading a book or change your work because you didn’t like your boss but were afraid of big changes? This page contains only films like this. It is a RankTopTen best inspirational movies list.

Motivational movies are always a joy to watch. They raise the spirits, make us want to do something and generally don’t feel like we’re incapable of reaching success. Remember the famous running scene from 1976 Rocky movie? Now that is what you call a real signal to start doing something with your life. Or the story of going from losing everything to managing to survive and keep your son fed presented in Pursuit of Happyness. These inspiring movies can often be our last layer of defense before surrendering to the overwhelming problems. This is what you are about to get in this list.

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Forrest Gump

A drama by Robert Zemeckis that takes inspirational movies up to a new level. Forrest Gump, the protagonist, is a boy without extraordinary mental capabilities but with a strong will to live and succeed. His determination and kind heart let him survive all the bad moments, reach the American dream and inspire the whole country.



Rocky often leads the charts of inspiring movies. The protagonist fights against the world champion and shows a great determination to train himself and withstand the pressure. A story of an amateur who loves boxing and never gives up on his dreams got a box office 225 times higher than the initial budget of $1.1 million.


The Shawshank Redemption

Considered one of the greatest motivational movies. The Shawshank Redemption tells us about a man imprisoned for the murder, despite his claims of innocence. He manages to survive in prison, gain strong friends and finally get out of the hated place showing remarkable will to live and determination to succeed, becoming iconic example for millions.


The Blind Side

One of the best inspirational movies with sports drama as the core of the plot. The movie shows that any dream can be achieved if the determination is big enough. We watch the story of Michael Oher go from poverty, personal problems and obscurity to Baltimore Ravens and interest from everyone.


The Pursuit of Happyness

It is a story of father and son that survive through hardships and struggle to live better. Motivational movies like this touch your soul as you see the father trying to find accommodation for the sun and get some money for the education. Fascination, anger, compassion - name your emotions while watching the film.



One of sports inspirational movies, it tells us the story of Rudy Ruettiger, a true historic figure that has the biggest dream of playing football and entering the University of Notre Dame. The life puts millions of obstacles in front of him and we watch Rudy overcome them and go for his dream.

Good Will Hunting

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

This one enters the ranks of inspiring movies with everything: story, characters that grow through film, wonderful music and eye-catching picture. Third installment of the Lord of the Rings makes a huge influence on the viewers and makes us wonder what exactly prevents us from crossing the line and melting the Ring of our own.


Remember the Titans

If you are looking for motivational movies then this sports film starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling is what you need. We follow the story of Herman Boone, an African-American football coach and his struggle to integrate his team in Virginia. Real-life drama and deep thoughts guaranteed.


3 Idiots

Best inspirational movies always include friendship and loyalty. Two friends in this film are on their way to find their missing buddy. They face numerous problems, including issues between each other, destroy a wedding ceremony and visit a funeral while recovering their friendship memories. All covered by a great and atmospheric soundtrack.


The Godfather

One of rather unusual inspiring movies, The Godfather tells us about Michael Corleone, a family member without any significance and his way towards becoming a Godfather, leader of the mafia. Named second most influential and culturally important movie of the US, it certainly deserves the honors.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos' Nest
Freedom Writers
We Are Marshall
The Help
Edward Scissorhands
It's A Wonderful Life
127 Hours


Apparently, there are only a few people in the world, who have not heard about the Titanic – one of the best movies of all times, which got 11 Oscar awards. This touching drama tells us story about eternal love, which tries to survive in spite of all obstacles. In truth, not every critic review was positive, but now this is the very movie that can be viewed hundred of times.


Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan has already become a classic film; we cannot forget about it counting top movies of all times. It got five Oscar awards and the best critics’ reviews. Such a drama cannot leave anybody indifferent; this is the most breathtaking war story, which tells us about the horror of killings and value of ordinary human life.

Slumdog Millionaire
Dead Poets Society
Coach Carter
Lawrence of Arabia
Field of Dreams
The Secret Life of Bees

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is unique among films about superheroes. In addition to this, some critics and a lot of movie fans consider it the best movie of all times. This is a tense drama with noir elements, in which Heath Ledger played his legendary role of Joker, which inspired fans to create many sequels and parodies of the movie and characters.

Groundhog Day
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Big Fish
The Green Mile