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VLC best music player, media player is a free music player for watching videos and listening to music, podcasts, and other audio. You can play files that are on your PC or another computer on your local network, or you can stream from a website. VLC is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.


I live in Brazil. I spent the last 4 years without internet at home (installed it two months ago). I just started using 3G and I have only 200mb to spend in it (ignoring the awful quality of signal and extreme-low speed). That is why I have an iPod Nano 5th gen dedicated to music/podcast and built my mp3/video/podcast library in my PC. I used the connection provided by college and friends' to get what I wanted online and I still buy cds once in a blue moon. Not everyone has good internet all the time and in all devices in order to stream everything one wants to consume.

Hrm, appears I either exaggerated a bit or spotify added alot of stuff in the past 3-4 months. But one that is *not* on there is Gabester And for indie stuff I have: The Horse Thieves, Alt-J, Damjan Mravunac (he/they did the amazing heavy metal instrumental soundtrack to Serious Sam 3), The Flashbulb, I Monster (probably not all that indie), Jenova 7 (don't think he's on spotify...), Mutemath, and Starfucker I'm not totally sure just how "indie" those are but those are the mostly kinda unknown groups I have in my library (also...when you google jenova 7....don't click the first link...whoever made that ruined the song with the video they put on it)

that's one of the things Google Play and Spotify premium services offer (download content to device to free yourself from the bandwidth issue). Also, the old catalogues for both are surprisingly robust. But, I understand the hesitation.

I like discovering music but my preferred supplier, BBC 6 music, is only usable outside the UK on a PC, their iPlayer isn't even available for download on my Android Walkman (I'm sure you can do some IP magic but it's too much of a hassle). I used ex.fm but that's closing down. Spotify as far as I understand is like a radio station unless you pony up. And lossless does sound pretty cool on that Walkman. At some point I will rip all my CDs and stream my own damn music from my home PC, but all of this does seem a little backward.

It's not a big collection at all. Although I prefer physical media, it's a rather small percentage of my collection. In reality, I only get the CDs from the bands I consider myself a fan of. That's just Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Bad Salad, and Steve Vai. The rest is digital, but all DRM-free thanks to Amazon, self-publishing artists, or...other means.

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