Funny last wills for Town of Salem from Best Town of Salem Memes

Funny last wills for Town of Salem 1 100x100

Mayor: "Screw doing paperwork! *flips desk* GENERIC-O'S! BUY THEM TODAY!!!"
Sheriff: "I'm the best sheriff ever!"
Escort: "B**** please. I'm fabulous!"
Medium (Med): "Dangit. Medium curse." Or "Echoing in the ghost world. ECHO echo."
Doctor (Doc): "Your butt has a crack in it. I can fix it!"
Jester: "You're cursed now."
Veteran (Vet): "Dangit. Ran out of bullets."
Death note for Vet: "Stay off my lawn!" Or "Stay off my con!"
Lookout: "I've been watching you from your toilet."
Transporter: "Transporting your butt since 1981!"
Vigilante (Vig): "I really didn't have much in my house. Besides a AK-47 and a chair."
Death note for Vig: "HEADSHOT!"
Jailor: "Why did you lock me in a cell, throw away the key, and leave me there over night?"
Executioner (Exe): "Sleeping in my warm and cozy bed while people creep around this town in the cold, dark night."
Serial Killer (SK): "I'm sorry. I had to put a knife to your neck and cut it. It was fun too! But a little messy. Please leave pie at my grave."
Death note for SK: "Hey look! You're dead!"
Framer: "I regret nothing! Ok, only one thing. I took the cookie from the cookie jar."
Mafioso: " I won't tell you anything! I won't say anything! Because I'm dead!"
Death note for Mafioso: "I didn't do it! It was that butterfly!"
GodFather (GF): "Good luck, you townies."
Death note for GF: "You weren't kawaii enough."
Ok if you don't know what Town of Salem is, you should go play! It's really fun! Townies trying to get rid of the bad guys. The killers trying to... Well. Kill. People lie and most tell the truth.
It's a very interesting game. Go play it!


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