Suzuki Hayabusa, 248 miles per hour from Fastest Motorcycle in The World

Suzuki Hayabusa, 248 miles per hour 1 100x100

Suzuki Hayabusa maybe fastest bike in the world. The name Hayabusa translates directly from the Japanese as Pergerine Falcon, the bird commonly attributed of achieving speeds of over 200 mph (322 km/h) and predator of the common blackbird. The name is a subtle reference to Honda's competing Hawk models. When introduced in 1999, it overtook the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird as the fastest production motorcycle. The first generation of the Hayabusa was called the GSX1300R and was powered by a 1299 cc (79.2 cu in) inline-4 liquid-cooled engine. The bike made famous in India by the bollywood movie Dhoom will officially be launched in the country in September. Although boasting of a top speed of 397 km per hour as per recorded figures, the bike that will come to India will have a speed limit of 299 km


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