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Black Sabbath is a top band when it comes to heavy music and heavy metal in particular. Since the origin in 1969, Black Sabbath have influenced the whole industry, setting the beginning of doom metal and reaching the mark of 70 million sold albums as of 2000. Ozzy and the crew know how to do crazy stuff.


Like most...I love Black Sabbath, but I think Judas Priest, is the better and more important Metal band!

I guess Ozzy Osbourne really needed Tommy Iommi and the others... On his own, he's become a caricature of himself. Black Sabbath deserve the plaudits they receive as the fathers of metal.

Folks, if you really love Black Sabbath during the Ozzy years, I HIGHLY recommend finding the English remasters. You can get them individually or in a fancy box set (you may have to special order them.) However, it is well worth it because they are much clearer and enhance instrumentation that is lost in the mush of the crappy U.S. Warner Brothers versions. Hey WB, get on the ball and Remaster Black Sabbath for release in the U.S.!

Creators of a genre of music. That's pretty fucking awesome I say. The albums Sabbath made are great also and it was with Ronnie James Dio that they made their perfect masterpiece. Heaven And Hell.

Being a born & bred Brummie & being of the appropriate age to have seen them when I was growing up, this is the band that I got off on most during my teens. Great riffs, great song writing. Simply great.

They INVENTED a genre of music that is as poular today as it was 40+ years ago. Sabbath fans are lifetime fans, I've found. Of course, everyone has their favorite singer...but, remember, the key to Sabbath is it's unique sound (Tony Iommi)and it's lyrics (mostly, Geezer Butler). Iommi and Butler have, for the most part, remained a constant in the band.'s all good. (Oh...and do NOT underestimate BORN AGAIN!!! It is a fantastic album and Ian Gillian is working, once again, with Iommi!! Also, get the remastered version of this album. There IS a definite difference!)

Truly one of the most revolutionary bands ever. As much as you may love Led Zeppelin, these guys' first two albums took things many steps further in the world of heavy metal.

Gran Banda, sus mejores discos son "Master Of reality" y "Paranoid"

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