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The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in 1962. The original line-up consisted of Brian Jones (rhythm guitar, harmonica), Mick Jagger (lead vocals), Keith Richards (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ian Stewart (piano), Bill Wyman (bass), and Charlie Watts (drums).


Undoubtedly one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time. Almost everything up to & including Some Girls is great. If you disregard most since then, they still had nearly 20 years of greatness. Not bad in anyone's books I would suggest.

Some on the BEA site love to rip on the Stones... I'd agree that in the last 30 years they've produced nothing of merit and have sullied their image somewhat. People forget how huge these guys were. They were rock and roll. They rivaled the Beatles, overshadowed Led Zeppelin, and developed the sleazy bluesy sound.

The greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the world? Yes. Just plain yes. Because in it's BEST form, RNR is four bar blues reassembled. Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman have my vote as the greatest rhythm section in the history of Rock and Roll.

They are a great band overall, but in my opinion they don´t have any really FANTASTIC albums, I mean, they have a lot of very good songs but they are all scatterred in many albums...that is my opinion

Had the Stones called it quits after releasing Some Girls, it would be hard to argue with their standing. But 30+ years of tarnishing their own image has taken a lot of the luster off of their legacy. They've been a horrendous parody of what they once were for far too long. And they've been an average to horrible band now for much longer than they were a great band.

The truest definition of rock n roll ever, there isn't a band as powerful and definitve to a genre like them. So what if they didn't know when to quit or have released terrible albums for the past two decades (or at least terrible in their standars) their discography from 65 to 81 is simply glorious rock n roll and some of us still like it.

This band has made some amazing amazing singles, that said, the rest of their albums are just alright, just listen to their singles, not much reason to listen to their albums

The fact that the stones are not in the top four artists on this site, shows up a deep lack of knowledge by a large number of members. They have always been the biggest rock band in the world, after all you couldn't call the Beatles a rock band, and no rock band has ever been bigger than the Stones.

"Members who like this artist also like: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd." the facts on this site are all you need: 4 albums at 8.5/10, 2 albums at 8/10, and another whopping 7 albums at 7.5/10 (not including compilations). probably my 2nd most listened to band after the Beatles, but I still couldn't really say they're better than Pink Floyd regardless. they still need to be moved up at least 2 places, the idea that nirvana's 3 albums or arcade fire's 4 albums put them ahead of the Stones is a riot. they belong next to dylan and bowie up there....

Some of there songs grate on me, and then some are among my favourite songs ever written. Yet even when their music isn't to my taste, their talent and influence is indisputable. Favourite songs of mine include Wild Horses, Ruby Tuesday, Paint It Black and You Can't Always Get What You Want. Best albums are Sticky Fingers and Let It Bleed.

A history of great music. They have released A LOT of crappy music, but have also released some of the best music ever written. A Bigger Bang was even worth coming back to. Favorite albums are Some Girls, Exile, and Hot Rocks (I feel they are a hits band, not the best album writers).

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