The Lost City Of Z from Lost Cities of The World

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This mysterious city, allegedly placed deep in the Brazilian jungles, has evoked explorers’ imagination since 1753, when the document, in which a Portuguese explorer claimed he had visited it,was found. The first one who ventured out to find it was Colonel Percy Fawcett. After he had collected various clues, and planned his route carefully, Fawcett, his 21-year old son, Jack, and Jack's best friend, Raleigh Rimell set off into the search for this mythical, extremely rich kingdom. They kept their route secret, fearing that their competitors might find the city first. For five months they had been sending the reports, and after that time, they vanished. After this, many had tried to follow their footsteps, but they all ended up dead or disappeared during their search. Recently, a city named Kuhikugu was found in the Rainforests of Amazon. Many believe that, due to its advanced architecture this city is actually the City of Z.


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