Dolphin from Smartest Animals in The World

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Dolphins are one of the most beloved animals. In terms of intelligence,they are just behind humans and chimpanzees, and in front of all the other creatures. They demonstrate the awareness that, until recently, was attributed only to humans. Recent magnetic resonance recordings have shown that the size of their brains is four to five times larger in proportion to the size of their bodies, and compared to the brains of the animals of the similar body size. Size is not everything, but there are two other features that prove the intelligence of these mammals. First, various characteristics of neocortex - responsible for emotional processing of data and for advanced forms of intention expressing,are widespread among dolphins. Second, observance of their behavior has shown that their reactions are similar to human’s, including: recognition of their reflection in the mirror, mastering of certain actions, communication based on movements and understanding of abstract concepts.Unfortunately, this means that those dolphins in water parks are subject to psychological damage and even serious mental disorders.


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