Wistia from The Top 10 Tools I Can’t Live Without…

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Wistia – Getting a video online used to be crazy complicated. Back in the Wild West days of the Web. But now there’s Wistia. Which makes it super easy to upload and embed videos anywhere on your website. Wistia allows you to customize your video with social sharing buttons, built in opt-in forms, and a clickable call-to-action at the end of your video! I’ve used numerous video hosting options over the years and Wistia has been the easiest by far. But they’re video speed and quality is the best I’ve seen anywhere. With a lot of the other platforms I’ve used, we’ve run into a lot more ‘buffering’ time and delayed videos. But not with Wistia! They’re videos play perfectly. Which is essential when you’re creating premium content for products, coaching, and membership sites. Plus, their magical algorithm ensures that all of the videos you upload are viewable on mobile, desktop, and tablets.


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