M-Theory Reaction GH from Top 10 Best HGH Supplements

M-Theory Reaction GH 1 100x100

If you demand the best growth hormone (HGH) booster, then REACTION GH by M Theory is the only choice there is. Containing approximately 4X more active ingredients than the other GH boosters on this list, REACTION GH is the most comprehensive growth hormone supplement available. Something that most people don’t realize, is that most of your growth hormone is produced at night, as well as while the body is in a fasted state. REACTION GH is meant to be taken before bed and on an empty stomach. During which time, REACTION GH helps your body to stimulate more HGH than it normally would. Over the course of a night, your body produces quite a bit of growth hormone. But, with REACTION GH, you will be producing way, way more while getting a better nights sleep.


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