Boost Your Router’s Signal with a Bit of Hacking from Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi


Sorry about that :/ Few years ago, I was very new to this. I had done this using Windows Explorer. Share some specific folders on a computer using the ‘Sharing’ tab in properties. Then copy some other files to that folder from another computer on the same network. This uses SMB protocol and the transfer speed is very low. But when the same files are transferred over HTTP protocol using apps like ShareIt or Superbeam, the transfer is at least 15 times fast for the same amount of data. I guess some protocols are faster whereas some are slower and it probably has nothing to do with the router. Then probably I have commented in the wrong place. Sorry again. :(

Replace DD-WRT with OpenWRT is you've got the Linux-fu. OpenWRT will allow you to actually use the maximal Tx-power your router's wifi chip supports. I'm running my Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH (damn what a name) at 501 mW and get great reception even at the end of our street.

Thwart of thieves...? If you have a router that comes equipped with WPS (which almost every newer router is), it doesn't matter if you have it enabled or disabled. It can still be cracked. Reaver the tool everyone uses to crack it, comes paired with another tool Wash. Wash will tell you all of the wireless access points in the range of you wireless card once put into monitor mode. It will also tell you if WPS is on/off. Wash will give the MAC and ssid of the AP and start your crack. I used it on my router, and it took 8 1/2 hours. When finished it gave me the password and the 8 digit pin that the AP uses to pair with another device. I changed the password disabled WPS and ran Reaver again with the —pin= option and had the new password in 4 seconds. My AP is protected with WPA2 and it doesn't mean anything once that pin is out and in the open. The only way to somewhat protect your home network is to not use wireless at all!

There are still some routers that don't have WPS. Also Reaver doesnt work on all routers that have WPS disabled. You need to try it out. Also I have seen a few routers that limit the number of WPS attempts.

I've disabled WPS for several people, you should seriously consider finding out how to do this on your router.

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