Control Bandwidth-Hogging Applications from Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi


The cable wasn't well looked after. The plastic hook that kept the cable in the laptop had long since broken and so it was being handled a lot more than it should have been and it eventually gave up on me. I don't think I have access to a crimping gun so I'll just have to look at replacing it. I'd probably need more than 20ft to be honest but not that much more. I've never known the exact length of my current cable as it was a gift from a friend who didn't need it any more, but it's about twice as long as I need it to be so, insanely long. Probably closer to 50ft I'd say.

You're responding to an article about speeding up WiFi. Clearly it isn't delivering on it's promises. I've never come close to getting near the advertised speed for these newer protocols and clearly I'm not the only one. Ethernet delivers and doesn't require any of this finagle.

I was obviously poking fun at the OP. Clearly there are usage cases for both technologies. But WiFi has come so far in recent years that the benefit of wired Ethernet is diminishing.

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