Increase Your Wi-Fi Range with DIY Tricks from Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi


In the lead picture, the reflection is not centered with the wifi symbol, it is slightly to the left. This is driving me crazy.

The WiFi symbol isn't touching the "ground" and the light source is slightly to our right. Fixed it for you.

They are centered. The drop shadow on the object and not on its reflection cause a optical illusion to appear miss aligned.

How can we increase speed of transfer of data within computers connected to a router? In the connection status dialog box it says connection speed is 54 mbps although file transfer speed is only 2 mbps UNFAIR!!!

Keep in mind there's a difference between mbps and MBps: megabits per second and megabytes per second. It's possible your connection status box is measured in megabits per second, and your actual file transfer speed is in megabytes per second, in which case that sound like you're getting the correct speed.

There's a ton of possible bottlenecks to consider before you get anywhere close to 54Mbit. For now you need to place both computers next to the router to achieve 100% signal.

Sorry to wake an old page. This account was inaccessible for a while. Anyway, getting to the point, I have found the problem. Both the speeds mentioned by me were in Megabits only. The difference is in protocols, I guess. When a file is transferred via HTTP (which is faster) using apps like ShareIt or Superbeam, the transfer occurs very fast (~6 MBps i.e. 48 Mbps). But when the same amount of data is transferred using an FTP or SMB client (i.e. with slower protocols), it can hardly reach 0.3MBps i.e. 2.4Mbps. Correct me if I am wrong about the protocols.

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