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People still use WiFi?

As opposed to what? I can't think of a single technology that's widely available, easy to use, compatible with most wireless devices, and fast/reliable

I just came from the future and I was wondering the same thing. I can't believe we used to rely on WiFi back then. Also can't believe people used to use keyboards. Writing with the mind is so much easier.

Unfortunately I can't plug a Cat5 cable into my iPod Touch or Smartphone. I had an extremely long one for my laptop but one or two of the wires have come out of the plastic connection and it no longer works. Are they easily replaced or will I have to get a new cable?

Usually, you can find someone who has a 'crimping gun' and they can put a new connector on for you. It WILL shorten the length of your cable a little but not so much as to be noticeable in most cases. Really...... the wires shouldn't have come out of the plastic connection unless the cable was defective in some manner (poor crimping job comes to mind). How long was your cable? You can get a 20 foot cable online at Newegg for about 20 dollars if you buy a "Cables Unlimited" or equivalent brand. Never had a problem with those cables.

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