Turn an Old Router Into a Wi-Fi Repeater from Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi


My Linksys is probably close to 10 years old, so I am due for new, I'm sure. I am clueless with routers. Any suggestions on brands/models for a small budget? We have both Mac and Windows, but small 2bd apartment

Depending on the router, it might be just fine. I've been using a WRT54G for awhile now because it's more reliable than others I've had. Slap on some DD-WRT, and you have one of the best routers you can get.

I have 2 WRT's on Tomato in my house since 2004, 2 in rootenna boxes on commercial property, about 10 others distributed to friends and family since around the same time. We were building a g based mesh network testbed back then (802.11A backhauls using soekris boards) and the hardware all still does the trick so I agree with you. For the most part I only use wifi for surfing when I'm not near a ethernet port and use wired for any transfers so upgrading isn't a smart financial decision in that case.

Get yourself a good TP-Link (their default firmwares are very customisable) or an Apple AirPort Express (cheap and you can plug-in your living room stereo to it and stream your iTunes music over to it)

I second TimGray's recommendation of the Cisco EA4500 or the E4200. These are essentially the same hardware, and I personally own the E4200. It works beautifully for me in a 1200sqft 2bed/2bath apt. I've only had to reset it a handful of times within the past year, and I've got great signal throughout the whole apartment.

I've got DD-WRT on two 10 year old routers and they're running great. Best upgrade to my network. Its free and they have a version for any of those old stackable Linksys routers.

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