Redeem Your Points and Miles from Top 10 Ways to Squeeze More Rewards Out of Your Credit Cards


I’ve started the “pay everything with credit” plan, paying the bill off at the end of the month, while stashing extra cash in a “high” yield savings account. It pays to do the math, my power company charge a fee to do credit transactions that would be higher than the 1.5% cash back my card gives, so that’s a check. My auto loan and insurance are thru my bank and they give me 5% discounts for autopaying from a connected checking account, so no brainer there. Only have the one for now,not really interested in playing credit roulette with a bunch of specialized cards, seems to m that thatway lies the land of spectacular fuckups (which I’ve spent more than enough time in for one life).

I set my wife up with the Citi Double Rewards card because I liked the simplicity of getting 2% on everything. 1% when you spend and 1% when you pay for it. Since we pay our balance in full every month, it’s great.

I’d point out that UPromise Dining, iDine, and AAdvantage Dining are mutually exclusive: they’re different incarnations of the same reward program.

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