Rotate Your Credit Cards and Use Them for Everything from Top 10 Ways to Squeeze More Rewards Out of Your Credit Cards


Little tip for anyone banking with Tangerine: Uber, for some reason, gets categorized as “Recurring Bill Payments” as far as the cash-back credit card is concerned. So if you use Uber a lot, consider making Bills one of your 2% bonus categories.

I’d also like to suggest that before you head to the mall, buy a gift card for that store where you plan to shop. Use your credit card. Earn points from the credit card to buy the gift card. Then earn points on the gift card at a site like eGifter, and you’ll be stacking savings higher than an Italian hoagie! Gift card purchases on eGifter range from 1% in points to a high of 24%. Simply to use a gift card to make the payment in the store. Brillance!

I am on the Chase UR plan currently. I would love to see an article on when a 5% rotating card and others, beat out The citi Double Cash. In the modern world it seems like so many transactions are categorized oddly, it seems like it makes the most sense to just get a flat 2%. Unless you specifically make tons of amazon/travel purchases.

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