Time Your Credit Card Sign-up for the Biggest Bonuses from Top 10 Ways to Squeeze More Rewards Out of Your Credit Cards


I tried to maximize my rewards by moving utility bills to credit card autopay, but living in the bass-ackwards boonies makes it difficult. Ma and Pa Water, Sewer, and Electric all want a convenience fee to pay via credit credit, and that costs more than the reward would be.

Don’t immediately dismiss the convenience fee as not being worth using the cards. If you’re trying to earn points towards a specific reward, you may want to consider how much it would cost to pay cash for any extra points you need vs. having “paid” the convenience fee and gotten extra points. Sometimes it makes sense.

You don’t even have to live in the boonies to get that kind of crap. I live in Phoenix and SRP charges a convenience fee to use my CC to pay. I do bank transfer for them, but thankfully almost everyone else will take CC without issue.

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