Use Your Credit Card’s Hidden Perks from Top 10 Ways to Squeeze More Rewards Out of Your Credit Cards


I have a Bank of America card that is basically 1% cash on everything with no limit. Given that it’s quasi free money, spending the mental resources on picking 1 of 4 different cards to use at a particular retailer is just not worth it at least to me and my wife. And just one bill to pay each month.

Not bad. USAA’s card pays 1.5% on everything, so I use my USAA CC for everything but Amazon. I have the Amazon CC built into my Amazon account, so I just get 3% off everything sold on Amazon without having to think about it, then 1.5% rewards on everything else.

Citi Doublecash pays 2%. So basically you are getting half as much as you could. Cheers!

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