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A brand new company on this market was found only in 1998, but since that time it became one of the best baseball glove brands in the USA. The secret of such success can be in the person of the founders of the company - brothers Joseph and Lawrence Gilligan (Lawrence was a professional baseball player and knows exactly what a baseball glove should be).


Have used Akadema all my life and never liked any other brand. I am now a senior in college baseball. .

Akadema is the top craftsmen on this list. More innovation and the best workmanship. They're at the top of most list. The 44 glove? Nike? Easton? Louisville? above Akadema?

I have two boys (12&7). Akadema is the only brand they use. The gloves are made extremely well and hold up to all of the ‘wear and tear’ young baseball players tend to put on their gloves.

My son Gian has played for Coach Lar Gilligan for 5 years I've known Lar for 7. I have used this brand of gloves ever since. Best quality and price. Made in the good old US of A. Akadema is not just a glove brand it is a baseball life story.

Best service ever!

My ProSoft and my son's Prodigy are top quality. I won't buy anything else.

This is one of the best custom glove out there on the market. My son has been playing baseball for over 10 years. He has been using the Akadema glove now for the past four years and is a high school baseball player.

Akadema is a great brand. But, having 44 Gloves in front of Wilson is a joke

I have played Baseball all my life and Akadema is by far the best Brand out there.

Great gloves. Easy break-in. Quality leather. I’ve recommended these gloves to all my HS players and my youth players.

I am in college now and I have still been using Akadema since I first started playing baseball in little league and will continue to do so.

My boys love their gloves, the quality is excellent and they last long.

My 16 year old son has been using Akadema gloves since he was 7. He is a catcher and also plays the field. He will use nothing else. He says they are the best quality!

Nothing but Akadema in our house. LOVE these gloves especially the APM43 Torino and the APM241 ProSoft. Never ever had a problem. Great service and our new custom color APM241 is AMAZING!

Best out !

Great glove. We are on number 3 for 14u travel ball son. Great customer support and very affordable. Easy break in and very happy with results. More people should give this company a try.

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