Classic Cinema Online from Top Places to Download or Stream Movies For Free

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I appreciate this list. There were a few sites I hadn’t heard of. But for the record, Crackle has more than a few ads. There are so many, it’s unwatchable, as far as I’m coconcerned. Looking forward to checking out the classic cinema site, though.

Agreed. I checked out Crackle when I got my first Apple TV a couple of years ago, got through half a movie, and gave up on it. Way, way too many ads. I’ve gone back and tried it a couple of times since then, once a year, give or take, to see if it ever got better, but it hasn’t. I don’t mind ads when I know that’s what I’m signing up for - it’s a valid business model - but Crackle takes it too far.

Agreed. And its like the same flippin adds over and over and over that really irritated me last time I tried it. A bit of variety in the ads shown would help make it a bit more bearable but no...

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