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My wife and I are both librarians and we have lost library books. Yes, I know - shocking! And no, we do not get professional privilege. We pay for our sins too. But librarians are reasonable folks. 99.9% of the librarians I’ve ever met would be horrified knowing you were not using the library because of the loss of E.B. Most all libraries have a “forgiveness day.” Ask them when the next one is. Or tell them you’ll volunteer at a couple of story hours for the kids. They’ll work something out. 95% of the librarians would enjoy your “fear” story so much that they would accept your confession as reimbursement. Remember, librarians are the good guys.

My local library has video games and movies for free. There’s also digital book rentals and in with the journal databases is every repair manual for every car. I have printed the pages to pdfs and assembled them when the manual has been hard to find. Gotta support our libraries before that vital resource is gone. Crunchyroll is also free. Epix is free for many people who have cable companies as their ISP. (Charter is one) Showtime has a free one or two week special you may want to use to binge on. Sling has a free trial period and you can score a Roku 3 half off if you pay for 3 months. If you’re a charter customer you can get a free roku 3 of you sign up for their online spectrum tv which is like Sling but you get to sign in to all the network apps. You can cancel service anytime without penalty and keep the Roku 3. The service is $5 cheaper than Sling when you get HBO ($30) that includes your local channels and a similar package to Sling’s. Showtime is available instead of HBO with the Charter package. The $30 includes taxes which are $10 for the local stations in your area and HBO or Showtime. On Sling is $35. Sling gets you HBO Now access and Charter gets you HBO Go. With that free Roku you can get a bunch of free custom channels with content. Heads up for any Charter customers, if you already pay for Internet service and add Spectrum TV you will be $10-20 shy of a Internet/Cable/phone bundle with dvr. There’s more content and value with just upgrading to the bundle. I’m probably going to do that soon and cancel Netflix and Hulu or Sirius or something. With a bundle I can watch much of the content available on either Netflix or Hulu (minus custom programming) with the original network’s on demand content. With the streaming providers boosting prices and cable companies lowering prices it’s becoming more of a question of how you want your content delivered than one of savings. If you pay for Internet access fast enough to use multiple HD streams, then add up all your subscriptions you won’t have such a low figure. 6 Spotify Premium Accounts for 14.99 + tax with the family plan. I just got this for my wife and kids. If you have 5 friends you can all pay $2.50 a month. That isn’t an introductory price. You can use established accounts and they aren’t linked or administered by the paying account. That’s cheaper than the Sprint $3 deal I had years ago. No coupon code or anything for that price. I made sure to sign up via Spotify’s website and not through the app on my iPhone considering the recent drama. I think it’s a few dollars more per month of you sign up via an iPhone app just like Evernote and RememberTheMilk.

What about sites that just have all the newest movies (in or before they come out) and tv shows, like 10 minutes after they air, without signups, paying, downloading, etc..? How do they not get shut down right away, I been going to one forever and it has the greatest stuff on it (not putlocker)

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