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Kill Allo & Duo because what is the point. Intergrate Assistant and RCS in to Hangouts. Deprecate Messages or whatever they are calling it and be happy.

If you don’t want the social features, Feedly is a much better Google Reader than Google Reader ever was. Yes, if you tried it after Reader shut down it was a bit of a mess, slow and sorta ugly, couldn’t handle many feeds, and the search took days, but they’ve spent 4 years improving it. I’ve got 250 feeds in it right now, and it works great, very responsive, looks clean (using the customization options), syncs well across all my devices. Hell, it might even have social features now, I just don’t care. So in a way it’s kind of a blessing. You knew Google was never going to substantially improve Reader, because that’s how they roll, so might as well just cut it loose and let more dedicated companies who employ humans improve it.

I really hated Feedly. I do think it’s a good replacement for the functionality of Google Reader. But the layout, especially the mobile layout, was a cluttered pill I couldn’t swallow. Some people have said that aspect has improved so it’s worth another try.

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