Google Buzz from Top Services Google Killed Off

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The magic sauce is the users. I liked Google +, but if none of my friends use it, I won’t, so then none of their friends use it, and that’s the fatal flaw. I’ve kind of started to hate facebook, but it’s where my friends are, so I’m stuck.

Tasks was clunky from the beginning and only available on a desktop, so I’m really happy with reminders replacing it (even if not officially), but agree it needs a standalone app in addition to being integrated with calendar, inbox, and keep.

Aww, no NewsBlur love? In Google Reader’s aftermath, it was the one that I felt came the closest to what I loved about Google Reader. Even though it’s exclusively a paid service, it’s totally worth it.

I tried NewsBlur on and off for a couple years after Reader went away, always on the insistence of others, and always hated its slow, overloaded interface compared to Old Reader, Feedly, and InoReader. (I also hated Ino’s interface until a couple years ago.) It was a slog to get through, unintuitive in parts (still viscerally hate memories of that damn little gray arrow that signified which article was “read”), social never seemed to work consistently, filtering/mute/block features were slow to come by, and I got less from paying for it than its competitors.

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