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I’ve been using AOL Reader ever since, because it most closely mimics the way Google Reader looked and felt. It’s free, you can login with many major accounts, it has mobile apps and the desktop website has dark mode. I’m pretty sure that they have, like, two people tasked to keep it running. But when something breaks they fix it right away, so I trust it will stay up. It’s sad that the internet has kind of lost faith in RSS. These days websites seem to only have a feed if it’s setup automatically for them.

I adored Google Reader. I use Digg Reader now, but I wish I could search posts. Years ago, the said they were working on that feature but it never appeared.

I was never able to find anything that I liked to replace it. Now, I just don’t read near as many blogs as I used to. 3

Finally coming to terms here with Reader. Feedly is just so damn good now, that I have come to prefer it even!

Check out ttrss. It’s an open source project, that’s pretty close to Reader. The server is free, and you can compile the android app yourself or buy it through the app stores to support the project. The main drawback is that there isn’t much community support. The lead dev is, well, a bit of an ass, and is dismissive if he thinks your question has been answered somewhere else.

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