Google Reader from Top Services Google Killed Off

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Agreeing with all the Inoreader fans in here, especially if you want Reader’s social features.

I’m still mourning for Google Reader. After trying Feedly, The Old Reader, and Inoreader, I’m currently settled on Inoreader as it allows the most number of feeds (hopefully I don’t get jinxed like my previous experience with The Old Reader) not to mention the Android app is quite neat.

My husband is still bitter over the loss of Google Reader. I suggested he try out Feedly, and he looked at me like I suggested he replace a beloved pet who had died with a Tamagochi.

The social side of reader was my favorite. There was something convenient about it when my friends and I would share selected items and chat about it.

I’ve been using AOL Reader ever since, because it most closely mimics the way Google Reader looked and felt. It’s free, you can login with many major accounts, it has mobile apps and the desktop website has dark mode. I’m pretty sure that they have, like, two people tasked to keep it running. But when something breaks they fix it right away, so I trust it will stay up. It’s sad that the internet has kind of lost faith in RSS. These days websites seem to only have a feed if it’s setup automatically for them.

I was upset when Google Reader shut down, but now I can barely remember it. I hope I feel that way when I finally find an alternative to Evernote, that overpriced, buggy app with terrible customer service and marketing. Feedly is what I use now instead of GR.

I never really recovered from Reader getting shutdown. I had like a hundred feeds carefully organised and the thought of trying to get that setup again with another service was so overwhelming I basically just stopped reading a ton of blogs that I was into.

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