Google Wave from Top Services Google Killed Off

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Damn so many good things that have fallen away. Google Wave was amazing ... sigh. Just ... so much why ... why not open source it and let the people that loved these things take over. Some of them would have been impossible but Google Reader?

It wasn’t that hard!!! You just had to look through all the tutorial videos and get three people to join and then have three people they knew join and then and and and ... ;(

I loved Wave. I used it as a collaborative project management too for my company back in the day. It was awesome.

But... isn’t it still o/s? Or is that just the Wave server? I built my own (using their sources) back when Wave was going to be a thing. They had this IMO amazing idea that you should be able to control your own data - by keeping it local. Servers were federated. If you had personal data on server 1 and you didn’t want it spread, you could restrict replication. Ex Lotus notes engineer here, so I was more interested in the background federation. It did look to be a way to make the foundations for a democratic facebook-like-thing. Plus threaded conversations on steroids, of course. I think they were more concerned with corporations keeping their own servers and protecting company data, but hey...

We used Google Wave all the time. It was damn disappointing to lose it. It was excellent for group work.

We use co-meeting, that is the closest thing to wave that exists. We have used wave, or something wave-like, every single day since wave launched. That was the single worst decision Google has ever made (killing off wave) in my opinion. I do NOT understand why it didn’t catch on, it was incredible.

It didn’t have a lot of social uses, and it was too complicated for many corporate users. I mean, the people I work with can barely use Outlook. We’re trying to get them to use DocuSign, and they can’t figure it out, even though I’ve made it as easy as possible for the end users. And IME, it’s not even an age thing. The younger employees are just as bad as the older ones. It’s like there’s this sweet spot of people who grew up with PCs in the home, but before smartphones broke the youth. (jk)

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